The festival season is about to kick off, with a lot of music, good vibes and—needless to say—twice the fun wherever Duvel is being served.

This summer, there’s no need to drink your Duvel from the same old glass as we’ve just unveiled our new, indestructible Duvel glass.

Duvel, still perfectly served
Our new glass is the exact same shape as the iconic Duvel glass you’re familiar with, but made with Tritan™. Now you can enjoy a perfectly served Duvel at festivals, on the beach or by the pool. It’s one good thing after another: reusable, safe, scratch-resistant and engraved with a D at the bottom of the glass to allow for perfect pearly bubbles.

This indestructible glass will be available in supermarkets, liquor stores and, of course, from www.duvelshop.be.

Can’t wait to experience the Duvel Tritan™ glass? Check it out at Jazz Middelheim, the Ghent Jazz Festival and the Ghent Festival.




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