What the heck is a Growler!?

Growlers are a great way to take our fresh draft beer home with you. Whether you’re heading to a party and want to share, or just want to crack a jug open with your best friend and watch a ball game, there’s really no occasion that a growler won’t improve.

Growlers are typically glass vessels that hold anywhere from 32 ounces to 2 liters of beer. Some growlers are made out of ceramic or stainless steel, but amber glass is most common. Growlers date back to at least the 19th century when folks would take home beer from their local pub, just as we do today.

Prior to spring of 2017, Massachusetts law said that breweries could only fill their own branded growler. No other vessel could be used. However, in early 2017, Massachusetts’ ABCC (Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission) updated their growler laws which now allows us to fill any BLANK growler, or our own.

We currently are only offering to fill AMBER glass, 64oz size growlers with a standard 38mm mouth. Unfortunately, we won’t be filling ceramic or metal growlers due to size constraints of our tap system and so our staff can easily view the beer level inside the vessel as it fills.

Growlers must be CLEAN and void of any alcohol. We reserve the right to refuse to fill any vessel that we feel is not clean enough to ensure the beer’s health.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you currently are the owner of one of our attractive amber glass, 64oz, branded growlers-nothing has changed! Continue filling up with fresh beer as always! If not, purchase one today for a small $5 deposit, or bring in your own blank growler that fits the guidelines above.

Cheers to fresh beer and the good times ahead!

Growler care tips: When finished with your beloved beer, RINSE the growler multiple times with HOT water to clean. Do not use soaps as they can leave residue inside the container. A few good rinses with hot water is sufficient immediately after beer has been finished. Leave UNCAPPED to dry, preferably upside down. We will give you a new cap, so you don’t need to keep it.


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