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Over the past 2 years, we teamed up with Jennifer Caraway and the Joy Bus Café to help bring Fresh, Awesome, and Totally Rad meals to home bound cancer patients and aid their healing process. Learn more at

The whole experience has been both Rewarding and Humbling for us here at Four Peaks Brewing Co.

Joy Bus and The Care Givers have dedicated themselves to creating a community that provides Social Support and a true sense of family.

That’s why we made sure to recognized a few of the many Outstanding Care Givers in this year’s addition of Wow a Caregiver. Join us in recognizing these WOWnderful Caregivers.

Laurie Connor ~ An amazing lady that’s been with us for years. Laurie has lost a loved one to cancer and is a caregiver to the same 2 patients on a weekly basis and has established a special bond with them. She’s kind, giving and dependable. Laurie is always willing to help whenever needed. She is always smiling and happy whenever we see her, and she brightens up any room she enters! She LOVES really, really fancy, good food.

Mark Greenberg ~ A selfless man that “will go wherever you need me to go”. Mark has been with us for several years & is always confirming that everything and everyone is covered before he leaves. He delivers to the same beautiful lady on a weekly basis. Mark and his wife Sandi have such a special relationship with her that even their dogs are friends! Mark is an animal lover. He & Sandi volunteer at an animal shelter/rescue place as well…Mark has a huge heart and always offers to help in any way he can. Mark loves animals and the outdoors.

Steve Gerst ~ AKA “Steve G” An incredibly brilliant, kind, and gentle man that has been with us for years. Steve G always enters the Diner with a smile that lights up the place. His presence warms everyone’s heart. His deep concern for others resonates in his work. He delivers every single week and builds a meaningful and lasting relationship with EVERYONE he meets. He is kind, smart, and genuine and brings so much happiness to the diner whenever he’s there. Steve is literally the most grateful person I have ever met. Steve loves the outdoors, poetry and giving his wife flowers every week:)

Cherry Dellios ~ Our “Flower Child”. She lost her mother to cancer a few years back. She is a sweet, quiet & generous lady that brightens everyone’s day with her beautiful flower arrangements. Always makes sure that all of our bases are covered. Not only does she make ALL of the flowers for our patients (at HER cost), she delivers our meals to the same family each week and spends time on ‘off’ days ensuring that they are ok…She is one of the nicest, funniest, and sweet people I have ever met. She is a genuinely good human, and I am so happy to know her. Cherry LOVES flowers and spa days with her daughter.

Last but not Least Jennifer Caraway herself who’s totally Rad personality is poured into every ounce of what makes up Joy Bus Café.

The Joy Bus Diner™ is the culmination of her five-plus year effort to improve the lives of local cancer patients through the power of a hand delivered meal and face-to-face interaction. Inspired by a friend named Joy who had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Caraway started dropping off home-cooked dinners and chatting with local cancer patients in need of a little good cheer. Over time it expanded into Valley-wide non-profit organization named The Joy Bus, which collects and cooks donated food for volunteers to deliver to patients around the Valley in need of a friendly face and an open ear. Most important, Caraway says, she’s been embraced by the local food community, with Crooked Sky Farms and others donating fresh food, while chefs including Tracy Dempsey (Tracy Dempsey’s Originals), Gio Osso (Virtu Honest Craft, Nico) and Bernie Kantak (Citizen Public House, The Gladly) all serve on The Joy Bus Board of Directors, and Fox Restaurant Concepts donating both financial support and culinary expertise.


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