Anti-Venom 2 Citra


Anti-Venom 2 Citra is an American beer, it has an alcohol content of 5.6%.

Venom American-Style Pale Ale, first brewed in 1997, is medium-bodied, clear, crisp, and light amber in color with a fluffy white head, moderate 5.6% abv and exquisitely dry finish. The ANTI-VENOM Series replaces Venom’s signature mix of American hops with a different single variety in each new iteration to create new variations of our classic Pale Ale. The second ANTI-VENOM variant, hopped only with American Citra hops, adds strong notes of grapefruit and lemon to the beer’s nose and flavor profile, while keeping the same crisp, lingering finish as the original. ANTI-VENOM Citra; experience a whole new kind of bite.

Anti-Venom 2 Citra DuClaw Brewing Company

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