Dentergems Wit


Dentergems Wit is a Belgian Whitebeer, it has an alcohol content of 5%.

Dentergems Witbier (also simply called Dentergems) came on the market in 1985 and was then brewed by Brouwerij Riva in Dentergem, hence the name.  It was very successful and was exported to the United States, among others. In French-speaking regions, it was sold as Riva Blanche. Brewery Riva took over Brewery Liefmans in 1990, but was in turn taken over in 2002. The new owners decided to name the entire brewery “Liefmans”, so that from then on Dentergems was brewed by the Liefmans brewery.
In 2007 the Liefmans brewery was declared bankrupt and the production of Dentergems ceased.  In 2008 Brewery Duvel Moortgat took over the bankrupt Liefmans brewery, but production of Dentergems Witbier was not restarted.

In 2011 Brouwerij Het Anker took over the Dentergems Witbier brand from Duvel Moortgat and started production again at the request of an American importer. Initially, production was largely focused on US exports. After disappearing for more than 3 years, the Dentergems brand was available again, this time as Dentergems Wit.

Dentergems was brewed by 3 breweries: Riva, Liefmans and Het Anker. It was no longer brewed in 2017.

Dentergems Wit Het Anker

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