Fourpure Easy Peeler


  • Fourpure
  • United Kingdom
  • 4 %
  • 8°C - 46°F

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Fourpure Easy Peeler is a British beer, it has an alcohol content of 4%.

Instructions for peeling an orange: grasp the orange firmly in your hands, pierce the skin with your thumb and then tear away the skin piece by piece until the juicy pieces are exposed. If that sounds like too much hard work, simply take a can of Easy Peeler, pull the ring pull and drink. Easy! Bursting with citrus orange goodness and pouring a light gold with a slight haze this beer is eminently sessionable. The aroma is sweet malts and citrus and the flavour is much the same, exploding with orange and citrus goodness. If peeling an orange seems like too much hard work and you’re in need of instant gratification, look no further than Fourpure’s Easy Peeler!

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