Fourpure Humming Bird


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  • United Kingdom
  • 5.4 %
  • 11°C - 51°F

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Fourpure Humming Bird is a British beer, it has an alcohol content of 5.4%.

Flitting here and there sampling sweet delights, the Hummingbird knows where to find the juiciest nectar. Fourpure have been experimenting a lot recently and it’s safe to say we like the results! Hummingbird is a raspberry and hibiscus sour with some serious attitude. It pours a deep pink and the aroma promises raspberry, summer fruits, biscuit and a little yoghurty sourness. A sip unleashes sourness, but don’t worry, it’s soon overtaken by sweet berry fruits, raspberry at the forefront. It finishes with a whisper of hibiscus. Sup from the hummingbird’s cup, it’s a veritable summer treat!

Fourpure Humming Bird Fourpure

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