Geneviève de Brabant Rousse


  • John Martin
  • Belgium
  • 5.2 %
  • 5°C - 41°F

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Geneviève de Brabant Rousse is a Belgian Amber Beer, it has an alcohol content of 5.2%.

The name Rousse de Brabant – ‘Brabant Russet’ – inevitably evokes John I, the most distinguished of the Dukes of Brabant, poet and knight, and a man whose reputation as a military and political strategist extended far and wide. No rival could get the better of him at tournaments, and his jousting was invariably accompanied by fabled festivities with plenty of liquid refreshment. But there’s a chink in every suit of armor, and in John’s case it was his constant need for money to fund his pursuit of the ladies. Among these was one whose flamboyant red hair particularly inflamed his passion, but who – alas! – resisted his advances. To win her over, he hit upon the idea of asking his master brewer to create a sweet, light ale with red highlights.

Thus was born the Rousse de Brabant, a beer not unlike the lady after whom it is named: bashful, disinclined to reveal its charms, yet once won ready to give itself with passion and generosity !

Taste-wise …

A subtle, suave blend of roasted malt, bitter caramel and a sweet undertone give this reddish beer a deliciously delicate flavour. It surprises the palate with a hint of spiciness and leaves a bitter aftertaste. Very refreshing as an aperitif. Drink chilled.

Geneviève de Brabant Rousse John Martin

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