Gordon Finest Gold

Brewery: John Martin

Country: Belgium


Alcohol Content: 10 %

Serving Temp: 5°C - 41°F

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Gordon Finest Gold is a Belgian beer, it has an alcohol content of 10%.

Ever since 1992, Gordon Finest Gold has been inspiring a gold rush. This incomparable strong Scottish style lager shares the values of its clan : pride in its origins, the strength of its typical and powerful taste, and the nobility of its refinement. Through this incomparable emblem of the range, Anthony Martin has definitively adjudicated between the clans.

Gordon Finest Gold, Go On !

Taste-wise …

Excellent strong lager, with a generous, silky note. Gordon Finest Gold has a bitter taste, rounded out by its high alcohol content with the help of a light malt which fleshes out its smooth taste, like a tasty caress in its finishing touch.


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