Gordon Finest Scotch

Brewery: John Martin

Country: Belgium


Alcohol Content: 8 %

Serving Temp: 8°C - 46°F

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Gordon Finest Scotch is a Belgian beer, it has an alcohol content of 8%.

Born in the luminous moors in an environment of untamed lochs and haunted Scottish castles, the ale Gordon Finest Scotch is so generous that it is willingly shared. Its white, unctuous foam, in total contrast with the dark brown elixir, is a pleasure for the palate. The connoisseur fraternity will recognise the authentic Scotch : the soul of the Scottish Highlands.

Gordon Finest Scotch, the original Scotch for more than a century !

Taste-wise …

Gordon Finest Scotch’s promising bouquet tells no lies. The bitterness brought by its aromatic hops combines with its sweet flavour of distinctive roast malt, a mixture bringing an irresistible warmth with so many elements shimmering on the palate. It leaves a full-bodied, sweet finish.


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