Gouden Carolus Ambrio


  • Het Anker
  • Belgium
  • 8 %
  • 30
  • 30
  • 6°C - 42°F

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Gouden Carolus Ambrio is a Belgian beer, it has an alcohol content of 8%.

Gouden Carolus Ambrio is aromatically brewed according to the ancient recipe of the Mechelschen Bruynen. Ambrio is an ‘amber’ ale brewed with ‘brio’. This white beer of high fermentation finds its origin in the traditional beer of the city of Mechelen. As each city had its own typical beer, the Mechelenians drunk their amber beer: “Mechelschen Bruynen” for hundreds of years.

Our brewery is the only brewery that still brews this type of beer. According to the tradition the basic recipe of this beer dates from 1421 and is therefore the oldest beer from the brewery.

The current version is slightly heavier than the original and finer hopped. The balance between the different malts, the fine hops and typical aromas with herbs ensure that this beer combines the whole-hearted nature of brown beers with the freshness of blonde beers.

This flavored and spicy light brown tasting beer should be served fairly fresh. Refermentation in the bottle.

Gouden Carolus Ambrio Het Anker

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