HELLERS Winterbock


  • Heller
  • Germany
  • 6.5 %
  • 6°C - 42°F

  • On

HELLERS Winterbock is a German beer, it has an alcohol content of 6.5%.

Contrary to popular belief, the HELLERS winter trestle is brewed not in winter but in spring so that it can mature in storage long enough. This and the addition of roasted malt and a special aroma hop not only result in a wonderfully dark beer color, but also a very fine, special aroma. Notes of dark fruit, light chocolate notes and a hint of banana rise directly into the nose. The taste of the beer convinces with very fine roasted aromas, followed by a great fruity note and a sweet, tart finish. A perfect beer to enjoy the winter.

HELLERS Winterbock Heller

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