Isolator is a Canadian beer, it has an alcohol content of 8.6%.

Brewed in the monastic tradition, bock beers were meant to sustain the body during long fasts required for religious celebrations. This is where the term “liquid bread” comes from, literally meaning big, chewy malt heavy beers were savoured during these times and kept the brothers in sound condition. Our version is thickly malty due to our use of a decoction mashing process (a first for Half Pints!), meaning a portion of the main mash is boiled for an extended period and then re-introduced, leading to an explosion of malty, caramel flavours. We’ve kept a traditional low hopping, and a long lagering phase to smooth out any rough edges, making this the perfect beer for all our malt-loving fans out there.

Isolator Half Pints Brewing Co.

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