Kapittel Pater


Kapittel Pater is a Belgian beer, it has an alcohol content of 6%.

Our red-brown abbey ale can be considered a “single”, meaning a beer that was made for the guests of the abbey and for everyday consumption.

Hazy, nearly opaque mahogany, with a deep red shining through and a small white foamy head.
This is a top-fermenting ale is refermented in the bottle, which means you can age the beer for a few years.
The aroma will make you think of sweet burning wood, plums, banana bread, citrus, and a little yeasty zip. Full and complex flavor, hints of smoky dark malt, lovely rolling flavors of caramel and chocolate.

Due to the dark colored malt, the taste repeats a burning sense and gives us hints of sweet peaches, ending in a light hoppy bitterness .

The low alcoholic Watou Pater is the ideal agitator to discover the more complex flavors of our stronger dark ales Watou Dubbel 7,5° and Prior 9°

Kapittel Pater Van Eecke

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