Kapittel Prior


Kapittel Prior is a Belgian beer, it has an alcohol content of 9%.

The Prior is the leader of a smaller abbey community. He’s the “primo inter pares” (the first among equals).

With its 9 % this dark ale with has a bitter sweet taste due to the roasted malt. A slightly creamy body, with an aroma of roasted malt, yeast, caramel, & toffee; Flavor of roasted sweet malt, yeast, rich caramel, light fruit, raisons, and some spice
The hoppy characteristics of all the Watou ales are prominently present, to be recognized by a persistent creamy foam

Our Prior is refermented in the bottle, only good to drink after a few months aging, which is done at the brewery, and ready to be aged and enjoyed for many years.

Kapittel Prior Van Eecke

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