Kasteel Hoppy


Kasteel Hoppy is a Belgian Triple beer, it has a second fermentation in the bottle, and an alcohol content of 6.5%.

The Kasteel Hoppy, with a bitterness grade of 45 EBU, fits perfectly into the new wave of Belgian blonde beers in which hops are very much in the foreground thanks to the technique of dry hopping. The Kasteel Hoppy is a thirst-quencher that sits somewhere between a traditional ‘spéciale belge’ amber beer and an extra-hopped IPA (India Pale Ale). The aromas of hops and herbs predominate. It’s very mild in taste with a subtle bitterness that increases towards the finish.  Quite full in the mouth, Kasteel Hoppy is slightly sweet with a mildly malty character. Not a ‘hop bomb’ by any means.

Kasteel Hoppy Van Honsebrouck

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