Katabatic American Pale Ale


Katabatic American Pale Ale is an American beer, it has an alcohol content of 6.1%.
Grapefruity, citrusy, with a hint of tropical fruit, an instant classic. This is our original BITTER offering. A medium-bodied APA that is very American with its use of Cascade and Columbus, but with an Aussie Twist, Galaxy hops. An easy-drinking clean fermented ale, filtered and bursting with hops with notes of citrus, pine and tropical fruit. It pours slightly copper-colored with a white head of foam. We use American 2-row barley as our base malt, American yeast, Australian and Northwest Hops, and put our own signature on this American classic. If you can find a better Pale Ale, we’ll be impressed. Served in a 16 oz. pint.

Katabatic American Pale Ale Katabatic Brewing Company

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