Midsummer Fling


Midsummer Fling is an American beer, it has an alcohol content of 4.7%.

Originally brewed for the 20th annual Vermont Brewer’s Festival, Midsummer Fling most closely resembles an English Country Ale, but it’s much more than that. A citrusy and herbal aroma is unmistakably seasonal – sessionable and refreshing, it’s the perfect complement to the long days and carefree nights of Summer. Midsummer Fling features a bright golden color, light mouthfeel, and citrusy aromas and flavors derived from the combination of Citra hops, elderflower, and lemongrass. The use of an old Scottish malt called Golden Promise helps produce a clean base that allows those herbal notes to shine, and, at 4.7% ABV, it is truly a beer brewed for summer sessions.

Midsummer Fling Harpoon Brewery

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