Pike Place Ale


Pike Place Ale is an American beer, it has an alcohol content of 5%.

Pike Place Ale was the very first beer Pike brewed back in 1989 when they were still working from a 4 barrel copper kettle. Since its very first batch, Pike Place Ale has been brewed with only the highest quality malts available. Back in 1989 that meant importing the rarely used Maris Otter pale malt. Today, with the re-introduction of Pike Place Ale, that tradition continues with the delicious local and farmer direct Skagit Valley Alba malt. The perfect beer to pair with food, Pike Place Ale is a northwest style Pale Ale, well balanced with citrusy Yakima Valley hops and rich Skagit Valley malt. This farm to tap beer helps protect local farmlands and a portion of the proceeds benefit the Pike Place Market Foundation.

Pike Place Ale Pike Brewing

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