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Rebelse Strop is a Blond Belgian Beer, it has an alcohol content of 6.9%.

Five years ago we created Gentse Strop, and now we think it’s time to give that special blonde beer a little brother. Rebelse Strop is just as proud and headstrong as its big brother, yet entirely different due to its recalcitrant temperament.

Brett yeast

Our brewers decided to take a different approach with Rebelse Strop. In particular, they opted for a fairly unusual and stubborn yeast variety: Brett. This obstinate variety causes the beer to continue developing over the course of time. Along with dry hopping, where the hops are added in the fermentation phase, this feature gives the beer a splendid aroma and a fantastic taste.


Nose/aromas: Earthy aromas merge into a light fruity smell.

Flavour: The unruly Brett yeast causes the taste of the beer to keep developing long after bottling. Rebelse Strop that is rather young gets a more complex flavour: fruity, hopbitter and with a subtle acidity. In time, Rebelse Strop gets a slightly softer, rounder flavour.

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