Secret Alloy Ale


Secret Alloy Ale is an American beer, it has an alcohol content of 7.2%.

The cymbals are considered by many to be the personality of the drummer. Behind a locked door in the Zildjian factory in Norwell, MA lies the secret ingredient that creates the most revered cymbals in the world. 80% copper, 20% tin, and a little bit of silver-only a handful of people know that extra ingredient that makes it Zildjian. Like brewing beer, there is an art and passion behind creating cymbals. Combining those passions makes both even better, which is what makes this collaboration with Zildjian so awesome. That and the fact that Harpoon’s resident rhythmist jammed on the drums amidst the tanks while it was being brewed. Each ingredient in this Pale Ale shapes its personality. Centennial and Equinox hops give a fruity aroma of mango and passion fruit. A nod to Zildjian’s recipe, this beer is brewed with an 80/20 split of caramel malts giving the beer its golden copper color. The finish is smooth.

Secret Alloy Ale Harpoon Brewery

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