St. Martin Cuvée de Noël


St. Martin Cuvée de Noël is a Belgian beer, it has an alcohol content of 8.5%.

Look: Dark colour but with reflections of red fire, amber and very elegant. The head stays well and is solid and of good aspect.

Nose: Surprising, an explosion of different spices. Fermentation and yeast are almost absent. 
But cinnamon, cloves and warm oriental spices, these all clearly point to the time of year for drinking this type of beer.

In the mouth: If the impression is lively and rich, in the mouth the spices are present. Everything the nose can smell is present in the mouth. Tasting is best in the cold seasons with a series of strong cheeses, Maroille, Herve, … spicy stews, could also be tried with a lamb, prune and cinnamon tagine.

St. Martin Cuvée de Noël Brunehaut

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