Timmermans Lambic & Stout

Brewery: Timmermans

Country: Belgium

Style: ,

Alcohol Content: 6 %

EBC: 75

Serving Temp: 7°C - 44°F

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Timmermans Lambic & Stout is a Blend of 3 beers brewed by Guinness (Ireland) and by Timmermans (Belgium), it has an alcohol content of 6%.

Guinness & Timmermans created this amazing blend of 3 unique beers: Guinness West Indies Porter (1801), Guinness Special Export (first brewed 1944 exclusively for John Martin) and Timmermans Oude Kriek (the world’s oldest lambic brewery).

A unique dark beer with a subtle pink hue in the foam. Aromas of chocolate, oak & cherry. Full flavoured and beautifully balanced.


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