Todd’s Trailer Ale


Todd’s Trailer Ale is an australian Pale Ale.

Willie the Boatman takes its name from a Scottish Convict whose job it was to row people across the Cooks River in Tempe before a bridge was built in the late 1800’s.

This Beer is named after another Tempe figure. Todd Payne. Todd is a mate of Nick and mine and he is always on hand to lend a hand when needed. Including borrowing us his trailer….hence the name.

This pale ale is a well balanced beer with a big malt body that is finely balanced with 3 additions of Citra Hops.

Coming in at 40 IBU and a ABV of 5.5% this beer is a winner when you are sharing it with old and new friends.

Todd’s Trailer Ale Willie the Boatman

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