Yonder Cities


Yonder Cities is an American beer, it has an alcohol content of 6.7%.

Our collaborative take on a Belgian inspired IPA first brewed with Union Craft back in 2013. Using a traditional Saison yeast coupled with high fermentation temperatures and the combination of Citra and Simcoe hops throughout the boil and dry hop applications that create an insanely approachable beer. Utilizing flaked oats, flaked rye, malted wheat and European pilsner malt for the base. We’re left with a lively, refreshing brew that has a light body and dry finish that creates the perfect base to let this juicy, citrus bomb stimulate and excite the palate with it’s huge, fruity hop character which is complemented by spicy esters we get from the yeast.

Yonder Cities DC Brau Brewing

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