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Gateway Brewing Company is an Indian brewery from Maharashtra, .

Gateway Brewing Company was founded on 1st Nov, 2011 with a single purpose: to brew classic styles of beer with local ingredients and make them available to bars & restaurants at an affordable price. The name is inspired from Mumbai’s local landmark – Gateway of India.

Apart from the sheer detail that we put into each beer we make and the fact that we use locally produced barley malt and also roast our own speciality malts, our beers, by design, are far from being mainstream. Costs do matter but taste prevails. We only use malted barley & malted wheat. We don’t use cheap sources of sugar that dilute flavours. We use hops generously to give you a balanced, a bitter, a very bitter, an aromatic and an over the top hop bursting beer as well. Basically, we have no constraints when it comes to making flavourful beers.

We age our beers longer, unlike commercial beers that are probably bottled within 5 days of being brewed. We spend a considerable amount of money on our logistics to ensure that our beers reach the restaurants when they are at their peak. Our beers are transported cold and stored cold right till the time they are tapped at each restaurant. This is very important because no beer, or rather, no good beer can survive being transported in this city’s weather unless they’ve been loaded with chemicals and stabilizers – none of which even enter our brewery. Further, we don’t use colours and foam enhancing chemicals.


A Walk in Brussels

5 years have gone by and we have loved the moments in which we conceptualised recipes and launched new beers. There were stressful moments as well but amidst few wrongs there have been many rights! And this has kept us going. In 2011 we committed to setting up a craft brewery in Mumbai to make ... Read More

4th Anniversary Royal Release

4 years ago, we launched Gateway Brewing Co., and introduced White Zen and other beers to Mumbai & Pune. Since then, a lot has changed and craft beers have become ubiquitous. We wish for more to join the party in making them and savouring them as we grow older! This year, we re-designed White Zen’s ... Read More

Gateway Taproom opens at BKC, Mumbai

It’s finally here. Our very own taproom. We dreamt of opening a brewpub in 2011 but the polices in the state did not allow us to do so. We put up a production unit and started selling to various bars across Mumbai / Pune. That was exciting as hell but this is something else. Our ... Read More

It’s our 3rd anniversary and we and are Thrilled!

When we were planning to start our business, we spoke to many people: restaurant owners, entrepreneurs and a few people from the beer industry. While restaurateurs were encouraging, people from the beer industry taunted us or laughed at our ideas. But we were not discouraged. We went ahead and launched our business. It has been ... Read More

World’s Best Craft Beers

Our beers have been featured in the American Express Essentials website alongside the who’s who of the craft beer world. We love it! Mumbai, you are all sorted and lucky as hell! Enjoy and continue drinking our beers!   Share: ... Read More

Another lager launches soon…

Our first lager, Hoppy Pils, was a big learning experience for us. We not only filtered the beer to be very clear, crisp and smooth, but also double dry-hopped it using a new technique. We loved it and so did all those who love good beers! We couldn’t wait to launch another. This one, a ... Read More

The Explorer Tap

Brewers at Gateway love to experiment & create new brews and, we believe, that our regulars wold love to try something exciting every now and then! So, along these lines, we are launching a new concept called The Explorer Tap. It was always our intention to change one beer and replace it with a new ... Read More

It’s Our 2nd Anniversary

It’s been 2 years since we started serving Gateway beers on tap in various bars across Mumbai / Pune. From few outlets to many…quite a few actually! We are thrilled that Mumbai has loved our beers and couldn’t ask for more. Over the year, we have released 5 different beers and we will continue to ... Read More

Romancing the Beer

A nice read from our very own in-house beer geek: Navin Mittal. While the title of the article has been inspired by Valentine’s Day that’s just passed, it brings fond memories of the 1984 film, Romancing the Stone, starring Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner & Danny DeVito. I had seen this film when I was in ... Read More

Rahul Mehra – Redefining the craft beer scene

Sometime in early 2011, Rahul Mehra, then posted in the Delhi office of TJUK Trade Networks, a food distribution company, was helping his American neighbour relocate to the US. In her luggage was a box labelled ‘Make Your Own Beer’. Intrigued, he wanted her home brewing kit. She willingly obliged. Within a week, he drank ... Read More

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