7 Locks Brewing Company: 7 Locks is Turning 1

We’ll be celebrating one full year serving YOU our amazing customers who have welcomed us into the community. Come join the party Wednesday 11/23, Thanksgiving Eve! There will be live music by Justin Trawick & The Common Good. Music starts at 7:30. Delicious Cajun/Indian fusion food from Cajun Delhi Food Truck. AND the release of our Birthday ... Read More

Moortgat: Cheese refiners Van Tricht win with Duvel cheese

At the ‘International Cheese Awards 2016’ in Nantwich, United Kingdom, the cheese refiners Van Tricht won a gold and a bronze medal with their Duvel cheese. Cheese and beer, it is a golden marriage. Many beer and cheese lovers will agree with this. Father Michel and son Frederik Van Tricht took the test and developed ... Read More

Yukon Brewing: That Good Ship

Nov 2, 2016 Brewing News, Our Brews 0 comments Baltic Porter  6.5%   Porter as a style of beer was developed in the UK in the 18th century, offering a stronger, hoppier version of sweet brown ales, and an alternative to pale ales. It got its name from its popularity with dock workers and porters, ... Read More

De Kroon: Degustation course initiation

Degustation course – Initiation: 3 lessons Course for everyone with an interest in brewing and a good nose! During this course will include the following topics: • Different malt types • Importance of water and hops, herbs • Fermentation • Off-flavors The sessions always start with a particle theory, then learning different flavors to finish ... Read More

Upper Thames Brewing Company: Come Hang Out at Our Bar

by admin | Oct 27, 2016 Our bar is lovingly handmade by the owners. We take great pride in the workmanship of our ales and why wouldn’t we care as much about our taproom? The bar is made from two 10’ sections of red maple, over 4” thick! And we took care to keep the ... Read More

Moortgat: The Duvel route, a relaxing bike ride

The Duvel route, that is cycling along interesting sights and beautiful pieces of nature. In collaboration with Tourism Province of Antwerp, the Duvel route was entirely based on the existing network of nodes in the municipalities of Puurs, Boom, Willebroek, Rumst and Mechelen. The tourist region Scheldeland through which you cycle, is a very wetland ... Read More