Fort Lapin: fort lapin dubbel 6

  Image already added bieren fort lapin dubbel 6 xx maand, xxxx door FORT LAPINFort Lapin Dubbel 6 is een amberkleurig bier met een fruitig en floraal aroma. De mooie helder rode kleur is afkomstig van de hibischus bloem die gebruikt wordt in het brouwproces. Deze bloem geeft het bier ook een verfrissende smaak. Het ... Read More

Idle Hands Craft Ales: Brewer’s Spotlight: First Pitch

First Pitch is a strange beer. There, I said it. That being said, I feel like it needs a bit of an explanation so everyone understands where we are coming from and why we brew it. To do so, you need to rewind the clock a bit, back to the fall of 2013 in fact ... Read More

Beau’s: Documentary: Canada’s First B Corp Brewery

Documentary: Canada’s First B Corp Brewery March 19, 2018 After six or seven years of working hard to create a company culture that values honest consideration for the environment and its local communities, Beau’s co-founder and CEO, Steve Beauchesne, was trying to find a way to make official all of the family-run brewery’s environmentally and ... Read More

Oskar Blues Brewery: A Hearty Toast to the GUBNA

If you’re into big, hoppy, juicy beers, you may be familiar with GUBNA Imperial IPA. GUBNA reinvents itself once a year for a seasonal release, based on an annual hop selection led by our employees. In honor of this year’s release, we’d like to tell you a little bit about this batch of GUBNA; but ... Read More

The Musketeers: The Musketeers conquers Canada with Troubadour beers

15 Mar The Musketeers conquers Canada with Troubadour beers Posted on 16: 27h in News by Kristy Jacobs 0 Comments 0 Likes Belgian brewery The Musketeers concluded two major trade contracts in Canada today. From now on, the Troubadour specialty beers throughout Canada are distributed exclusively through the finely meshed network of SAQ stores (Société ... Read More

Beau’s: Beau’s refreshingly dry, award-winning Saison back for 2018

March 13, 2018 Beau’s Brewing Co. is announcing the return of its Farm Table Series Saison, a refreshingly dry farmhouse ale. Saison was first introduced last summer, and proved itself quickly with a Best in Class win in its category at the 2017 Alberta Beverage Awards. It will be available in Ontario and Québec starting on March ... Read More

Van Steenberge: Opening of Gulden Draak Bierhuis Porto

On 9 February of this year, the second official Gulden Draak Bierhuis was opened in Porto by the 6th-generation brewer Jef Versele. Gulden Draak Bierhuis is a total experiential concept for Gulden Draak enthusiasts and, by extension, for the devotees of all the Van Steenberge speciality beers. Inside this unique establishment, you are completely immersed ... Read More

Beau’s: Happy International Women’s Day 2018!

Happy International Women’s Day 2018! March 8, 2018 To mark the occasion of International Women’s Day 2018, we’ve asked some of the women of Beau’s to share their thoughts on the brewing industry, influential women in their lives, and much more. The Beau’s Brewing Team…   Alyssa Kwasny (right), Brewer Favourite Beau’s Beer: Dunkel, but ... Read More