Brasserie de Silly: Heart of cod stuffed with bacon.

Special recipe at the Silly Blanche Recipe for 2 people Fresh coriander 400 gr cod (2 pieces) 8 slices of bacon Mustard with old 10cl Cream 1 White Silly 2 shallots 300 g sweet potatoes Spinach palm Soy sprouts Asian dressing (soy sauce) , rice vinegar) Salt / Pepper Egg yolk Prepare the ingredients > ... Read More

Brasserie de Silly: Horecatel 2018

Horecatel, the trade fair for the Horeca sector, takes place every year in Marche-en-Famene in March. This edition had the usual popular success and allowed the Brasserie de Silly to present its new range of labels and the Triple Swaf in 75cl. The latter is a corked version slightly more hopped in a prestige format. ... Read More

Brasserie de Silly: Tatie Danielle, friendly restaurant in Tournai

The restaurant Tatie Danielle, located in Tournai offers rich and delicious dishes to enjoy with a good beer from the Brasserie de Silly. The friendly atmosphere makes us feel right at home. At this moment, Ludovic Vifquin, the chef offers an excellent beerpairing dish: bacon-flavored cod hearts, potato dumplings sweet and sabayon with Silly Blanche. ... Read More

Brasserie de Silly: It’s moving at the Brasserie de Silly!

At the beginning of spring, the new bottle production line is set up in the Brasserie de Silly. The quality of beers being one of the most important elements for the staff of the Silly brewery, it was decided to invest in a new bottling line at the end of 2017. Today, the machines have ... Read More

Brasserie de Silly: Gojo Restaurant

It is a café-bar and canteen citizen. It is located right in front of Braine-le-Comte train station. The dream place! Noémie 3 years ago goes into the Horeca via her “breakfast” Food Truck. After two years, her business is already well developed, she decides to associate with two friends Jaïro This Gojo Restaurant article first ... Read More

Brasserie de Silly: Season of Silly

The springtime beer par excellence is the Silly Season. When Marcellin Meynsbrughen, founder of the Brasserie de Silly set up the family farm in the center of Silly in 1850, he began brewing a beer season to occupy himself in winter. This beer was then served to seasonal workers who came to help Marcellin on ... Read More

Flying Dog Brewery: All Things O’s

Mar 28 All Things O’s Join our flock. What brings us together, as brethren of good beer, is a bitterness that runs through our veins. And from those veins, WE BLEED ORANGE. Baltimore, here’s where Bloodline will be on special during every O’s game all season long: Charles Village Pub (Towson location only)  Corner Stable ... Read More

Idle Hands Craft Ales: Brewer’s Spotlight: Annika

With the weather still on the chillier side for not much longer, I wanted to highlight our newest dark and warming offering in the Idle Hands Taproom, Annika. While we brew with a large breadth of styles, lagers are certainly a major focus for us. Last year we brewed our Russian Imperial Stout, Crossroader; this ... Read More

Oskar Blues Brewery: Chubbin’ Around The World

Chubbin’ Around The World These days, there are a plethora of craft-brew-heavy destinations around the world for adventurous suds lovers to visit. Our own home state of Colorado boasts over 340 breweries according to a pretty half-assed internet search, translating to something like six breweries for every 100,000 people who live here*. With breweries to visit aplenty ... Read More

Beau’s: Lamb’s Wool Maple Glazed Ham

Lamb’s Wool Maple Glazed Ham March 28, 2018 The Easter long weekend is coming up and it’s time to start thinking about what to serve your guests! Try this maple glaze made with Beau’s Lamb’s Wool. Best used on ham, butternut squash, carrots or tofurkey. Pick up a Lamb’s Wool where you normally buy your ... Read More