The Second Wedge Brewing Company: Brewmaster Announcement!

Brewmaster Announcement! It’s our pleasure to announce that Brewmaster Doug Warren is joining The Second Wedge Brewing Company! As a professional brewer for 24 years, Doug has brewed hundreds of clean, delicious beers and continues to innovate and experiment. He got his start at Upper Canada Brewing Company during its glory days, and has since ... Read More

Van Steenberge: The Brewing Hall

 The Brewing Hall Water, various types of malt, hops and other ingredients, all of which meet the highest quality standards, are processed in sequential steps to wort the raw materials to make beer. ... Read More

The Second Wedge Brewing Company: Construction update!

Hoo yeah, we’ve been busy getting our building ready! Demolition, wiring, HVAC, plumbing, framing – and digging, lots of digging. And hauling of stuff into bins. It’s been a hot few weeks and a lot of sweat has been shed. But the place is fast transforming and every day it feels more like our space. ... Read More

Van Steenberge: The brewery

De enige actieve brouwerij in het Meetjesland. Tradionele brouwkunst in een moderne omgeving Brouwerij Van Steenberge staat garant voor… ... Read More

Triple Bogey Brewing & Golf Company: NewsTalk 1010 – Interview

NewsTalk 1010 – Interview August 30, 2015 by admin Beer , Press No Comment Geoff Tait interviewed on NewsTalk 1010 and discusses the beginnings of Triple Bogey. From humble beginnings with Quagmire to the launch of Hurry Hard. Listen to Interview Related Posts Fairways TV – 2015 PGA Of Ontario Golf Industry Expo12Nov20150Fairways TV – ... Read More

Triple Bogey Brewing & Golf Company: London Free Press – This is only Triple Bogey embraced by golfers

London Free Press – This is only Triple Bogey embraced by golfers August 30, 2015 by admin Beer , Press No Comment It’s hard to say which is more impressive: the smooth hint-of-citrus Triple Bogey lager introduced to Ontario duffers two years ago or the 30-something St. Thomas entrepreneur who brought it to the 19th ... Read More

Moortgat: Duvel Moortgat at EBBC 2015

Quality, craftsmanship and a pioneering spirit are the cornerstones of Duvel Moortgat.We aim to offer consumers top beers. Brewing with tradition, pure ingredients and the latest techniques … all these elements contribute towards achieving high quality. Here you can find the crucial info on the Duvel Moortgat beer brands presented at EBBC 2015. Language English ... Read More

Four Peaks Brewing Company: 5 Reasons to Reach for Craft Beer in a Can

by Marie Miller-Rodriguez A number of years ago, I worked for a brewery that launched a campaign touting they were not “Canned and Corny”. After many hours of training, I believed this mantra. It wasn’t until recently (maybe the last four years or so) that I have begun to choose – nay SEEK OUT – canned ... Read More