Teton Range IPA


Teton Range IPA is an American beer, it has an alcohol content of 6.5%.
After 18 months, 18 pilot batches and dozens of side projects with our pilot system, Teton Range IPA has been added to our year-round lineup.

For Teton Range IPA, Idaho grown and malted barley make up 90% of the grain bill. We use a variety of Idaho hops including one of our new favorites, Idaho 7. The combination of these unique hops makes Teton Range IPA an amazingly aromatic and flavorful beer. We focus on late hop additions in the kettle to boost the aroma and keep the bitterness low. Pungent aromas of tropical fruits like mango and papaya, hints of pine, hard candy and citrus rind are prominent. The flavor is juicy, like fresh squeezed tropical fruit with some pine in the background. The beer has a deep gold color and strong head retention. The crisp, balanced flavors of Teton Range IPA create a delicious, drinkable beer.

Teton Range IPA Grand Teton Brewing

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