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The Second Wedge Brewing Company is a Canadian brewery from Uxbridge, Ontario.

Meet the Uxbridge Wedge! We’re not talking about cheese or golf ­– although Uxbridge is a fine place to enjoy both. The Uxbridge Wedge is the second of the four wedges of the Oak Ridges Moraine, and the one we love best, because we live, work and play here. It’s a landscape of rollercoaster hills that’s ideal for cycling, running, hiking, riding – all of which make you thirsty. You know where we’re going with this.


Fall is here, and so is beer

Here at the brewery we’re entering our first fall season, and it’s a bit like wandering down a new trail – we have a pretty good idea of where it’s leading, but we need to use our wits to navigate. Exciting – and the scenery’s looking mighty nice too. Summer? It was on point. Our beer ... Read More

GRAND OPENING Sunday, June 5!

After the world’s longest soft launch, we’re thrilled to be celebrating our grand opening Sunday, June 5. Come and enjoy great food, music and beer, meet some of the amazing people we collaborate with, and help us launch our new beer garden! Our celebration has 2 parts: DAYTIME BASH – open to all, no tix ... Read More

The longest soft launch ever launched

The longest soft launch ever launched We’ve been trying to find time to post an update for… well, a couple of months now. The last time we wrote, we had two beers on tap – huh?! Okay, so it’s high time we posted some news. The Uxbridge community, and people from many surrounding communities, have ... Read More

Soft Launch!

Soft Launch! Yep, it’s true – we’ve got two beers ready to pour and our tasting room and bottle shop will be open Boxing Week! Our first offerings are Monday Night Piper Scottish-style ale and 3 Rocks IPA – a great way to wake up your tastebuds after all that Christmas turkey. Holiday hours: Monday, ... Read More

Xmas Merch and Sneak Peek!

Come on by 14 Victoria Street for our pre-opening, merch-only open house! We’re getting ready for our soft launch – first beers will be pouring real soon, but in the meantime we have growlers, glasses, gift certificates, and 2016 growler club memberships ready for gifting. And feel free to just stop by and say hello ... Read More

Construction update… nearly there!

Construction update… nearly there! The countdown is on. We had our brewhouse delivered today from HDP and it’s being inspected tomorrow by the Canada Revenue Agency, who need to be sure we have our tanks correctly calibrated so we can report on quantities produced. Once that’s done, we’re finishing up our construction and then waiting for the ... Read More

Good neighbours

Good neighbours We picked the right home for our brewery. Over on Victoria Street, they know what being neighborly is all about. On a chilly day in October, the good people at H.H. Goode & Son and Newmarket Precast Concrete pitched in to bring our new tanks off the freight truck and guide them safely into our building. HH ... Read More

Brewmaster Announcement!

Brewmaster Announcement! It’s our pleasure to announce that Brewmaster Doug Warren is joining The Second Wedge Brewing Company! As a professional brewer for 24 years, Doug has brewed hundreds of clean, delicious beers and continues to innovate and experiment. He got his start at Upper Canada Brewing Company during its glory days, and has since ... Read More

Construction update!

Hoo yeah, we’ve been busy getting our building ready! Demolition, wiring, HVAC, plumbing, framing – and digging, lots of digging. And hauling of stuff into bins. It’s been a hot few weeks and a lot of sweat has been shed. But the place is fast transforming and every day it feels more like our space. ... Read More

Partnering with the best (Our financing story, part 2)

So, we had the news about our loans being approved, and we’d made it pretty far along our financing road. But this wasn’t the end: we had to bring in some great people who believed in us and what we were doing, and wanted to be a part of something special. Before we even approached ... Read More

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