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Aslan Brewing Company is an American brewery from Bellevue, Washington.

IT ALL STARTED IN THE SUMMER OF 2012, as a conversation over a pint of beer at a local Bellingham pub. We shared our dreams and soon realized that the elements of our future were sitting amongst us: a businessman, a craft beer believer and, most importantly, a brewer. Together, Frank Trosset, Pat Haynes, and Jack Lamb would go on to build and operate a pilot brewery in Downtown Bellingham, where, for the next twelve months of our lives, we would research and develop the knowledge and skills needed to start our own commercial microbrewery and restaurant.

We called it ASLAN BREWING COMPANY, and quickly realized its identity through our personal commonalities. With a commitment to organic ingredients, locally sourced goods, and low-impact practices, we aimed to offer the community something new and refreshing, the sustainable way. As for “ASLAN”: a lion is the King of the Jungle, a regal figure rooted in nature, and aslan is the Turkish word for lion. This aligned our desire to operate a world-class brewery all while preserving the raw and exotic elements of the world. Through hard work and perseverance, we brewed over 130 original pilot batches, connected with local brewers and beer lovers alike, and designed a business plan catered to craft quality and creativity.

In the final days of Summer 2013, we were given the keys to what would become Aslan’s Brewpub. Plans and permits in hand, we began our nine-month journey into construction that was done primarily by us, Boe and Don Trosset. After months of unconditional commitment, Boe Trosset was added as an invaluable member of the ownership team. Fast forward to today and we are four great friends who have together manifested our dream of owning and operating an organic brewery. We are proud and fortunate to be working with many of our close friends and to be part of the amazing community that is Bellingham. 



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September 11, 2020Jack LambNOW IN CANS: Das BootSeptember 11, 2020Jack Lamb Das Boot Organic Festbier 5.6% ABV // 25.7 IBU // 12.8 P Medium Body + Fresh Dough + Crisp Festbier is a modern Oktoberfest style, making its way onto the scene in the 70’s as a lighter option for the traditional German Oktoberfest. Das ... Read More

NOW IN CANS: Neon Theater

September 8, 2020Jack LambNOW IN CANS: Neon TheaterSeptember 8, 2020Jack Lamb Neon Theater Organic Hazy Pale Ale 5.0% ABV / 40 IBU / 11.3 P Apricot + Medium Body + Soft Melon Neon Theater was brewed for the final push of summer. We wanted to brew a beer for all of the socially distanced BBQs ... Read More

NOW IN CANS: Ginger Disco

September 8, 2020Jack LambNOW IN CANS: Ginger DiscoSeptember 8, 2020Jack Lamb Ginger Disco Organic Berliner Weisse 4.5% ABV // 2.5 IBU // 10 P Ginger + Lemon + Tart Our favorite summer refreshment with an unexpected twist of ginger. We started with our classic Disco Lemonade and added a healthy serving of ginger steeped in ... Read More

NOW IN CANS: Fish Have Feelings

August 24, 2020Jack LambNOW IN CANS: Fish Have FeelingsAugust 24, 2020Jack Lamb Fish Have Feelings Organic West Coast IPA 4.7% ABV // 21 IBU // 11.2 P Medium Body + Bitter + Citrus We believe that the classics will always be in style. For this year’s iteration of Fish Have Feelings, we wanted to showcase ... Read More

Employee Feature: Austin M.

Meet the face behind Aslan’s graphic design. Everything from our signature hophead logo, can labels, product photography, and oh so much more is thanks to this creative mastermind. Austin’s been working with us since the dawn of Aslan– before we ever opened up commercially. Austin posing with some of his label art One of Austin’s ... Read More


August 17, 2020Jack LambNOW IN CANS: HellesAugust 17, 2020Jack Lamb Helles Organic Vollbier 4.7% ABV // 21 IBU // 11.2 P Medium Body + Malt Forward + Crisp Our Helles is an ode to the traditional Helles of Southern Germany. Showcasing only Pilsner Malt, this beer presents malt-forward while being rounded out by a restrained ... Read More

NOW IN CANS: Captain Ron on Blackberries

August 10, 2020Jack LambNOW IN CANS: Captain Ron on BlackberriesAugust 10, 2020Jack Lamb Captain Ron on Blackberries Fruited IPA blackberries + tropical juice + blackberries What’s better than Captain Ron? Quite possibly Captain Ron brewed with 300lbs of delicious, fresh, organic Hayton Farm blackberries. This fruited delight is now available on tap in Bellingham and ... Read More

NOW IN CANS: Captain Ron

August 3, 2020Jack LambNOW IN CANS: Captain RonAugust 3, 2020Jack Lamb Captain Ron Organic IPA 7.0% ABV // 40 IBU // 14.4 P medium body + pineapple juice + faint bitterness Making its third appearance, Captain Ron is back! We’ve used the same base as the previous two batches but changed up the hops. This ... Read More

NOW IN CANS: Hefe ☀️

Hefe Organic Weissbier 5.0% ABV // 16 IBU // 12.6 P Lemon Zest + Creamy Mouthfeel + Crisp Finish A true summertime classic. Our take on the classic Hefeweizen has been double decocted to create deep flavors of vanilla and fresh wheat bread. The traditional german yeast plays with the hops to showcase a soft ... Read More

NOW IN CANS: American Lager

July 1, 2020Jack LambNOW IN CANS: American LagerJuly 1, 2020Jack Lamb Time to put our money where our mouth is.⠀⠀ We’ve pledged 100% of the profits from this beer to be donated to the Black Lives Matter chapter in Seattle-King County. Now available in cans and on draft at the Brewpub and Depot, available at ... Read More

A Word From Our CEO on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Aslan Brewing Co.

June 30, 2020Jack LambA Word From Our CEO on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Aslan Brewing Co. June 30, 2020Jack LambNow, more than ever before, we must be more active with our intentions. No longer can we simply say that social equity is a key element of our ethos and lay satisfied with the status ... Read More

NOW IN CANS: Montego

June 24, 2020Jack LambNOW IN CANS: MontegoJune 24, 2020Jack Lamb Montego Organic Jamaican Style Lager 4.6% ABV // 12 IBU // 10.7 P medium body + mild + refreshing Brewed for the heat of summer, we present to you Montego, a light Jamaican Style Lager. Cereal mashed with organic, non-GMO corn grits (yes they exist!), ... Read More

️‍ NOW IN CANS: B Proud ️‍

June 24, 2020Jack Lamb🏳️‍🌈 NOW IN CANS: B Proud 🏳️‍🌈June 24, 2020Jack Lamb B Proud Organic IPA ABV 6.5% // IBU 52 // 14.5 P light body + fresh pineapple + biscuit malt B Proud is an easy-drinking IPA with notes of fresh pineapple, strawberries, and orange zest. A biscuity malt profile supports a mellow ... Read More

Employee Feature: Shanna

Meet Shanna– Aslan’s Director of Human Resources. Shanna has been with us since we first opened in 2014- six years ago! “I was [Aslan’s] first interview, which was really funny” says Shanna, “I wrote an ode to beer on my cover letter and I think that really helped me stand out”. Originally hired as a ... Read More

NOW IN CANS: Disco Lemonade ☀️

June 22, 2020Jack LambNOW IN CANS: Disco Lemonade ☀️🕺🍋June 22, 2020Jack Lamb Disco Lemonade Organic Berliner Weisse 4% ABV // 0 IBU // 10 P light body + effervescent + very tart Year over year, this sour wheat beer has been signaling the beginning of summer here in Bellingham. And in its 6th year of ... Read More


Žatec Czech Style Pale Lager 4.2% ABV // 40 IBU // 11.0 P Medium Body + Bright hops + Earthy malt Zatec is an 11-degree Czech style pale lager, brewed in accordance with Cseke Pivo regulations. In the Czech Republic, Pale Lager (only Pilsner Urquell is called Pilsner) is separated by its original gravity, with ... Read More

FINALLY (!) IN CANS: Ginger Rye

Ginger Rye Organic Rye Pale Ale 5.2% ABV // 40 IBU // 13.5 P medium body + ginger notes + approachable One of the two original beers on draft when we opened shop, this staple is now available in cans for the first time. Inspired by the cocktail “Moscow Moose,” this Rye Pale Ale incorporates ... Read More

NOW IN CANS: Tateyama

Tateyama Organic Japanese Rice Lager 4.6% ABV // 18 IBU // 11 P Dry + Pear Sake + Refreshing Named after Bellingham’s sister city in Japan, Tateyama is our take on a Japanese rice lager. With notes of jasmine tea, dry sake, and fresh kola nut, this beer is extra quenching and deeply layered in ... Read More

Our Fourth Flagship Beer is Finally Here — Cosmic Dreams!

We are stoked to announce the release of our fourth flagship beer at Aslan Brewing Co. — Cosmic Dreams! Drift away to an intergalactic tropical paradise. With notes of freshly pressed tangerine, mandarin, and navel orange juices, Cosmic Dreams was built for the great outdoors. Pacific Gem, Amarillo, El Dorado, & Simcoe hops come together ... Read More

NOW IN CANS: Captain Planet IPA

Captain Planet Organic IPA 7.2% ABV // 60 IBU // 14.8 P medium body + fruity & piney + medium bitterness A classic west coast IPA with a tropical twist! This year’s Captain Planet features Centennial and Sabro hops — pine and citrus meet subtle notes of coconut and pineapple, backed by a grain bill ... Read More

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