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Aslan Brewing Company is an American brewery from Bellevue, Washington.

IT ALL STARTED IN THE SUMMER OF 2012, as a conversation over a pint of beer at a local Bellingham pub. We shared our dreams and soon realized that the elements of our future were sitting amongst us: a businessman, a craft beer believer and, most importantly, a brewer. Together, Frank Trosset, Pat Haynes, and Jack Lamb would go on to build and operate a pilot brewery in Downtown Bellingham, where, for the next twelve months of our lives, we would research and develop the knowledge and skills needed to start our own commercial microbrewery and restaurant.

We called it ASLAN BREWING COMPANY, and quickly realized its identity through our personal commonalities. With a commitment to organic ingredients, locally sourced goods, and low-impact practices, we aimed to offer the community something new and refreshing, the sustainable way. As for “ASLAN”: a lion is the King of the Jungle, a regal figure rooted in nature, and aslan is the Turkish word for lion. This aligned our desire to operate a world-class brewery all while preserving the raw and exotic elements of the world. Through hard work and perseverance, we brewed over 130 original pilot batches, connected with local brewers and beer lovers alike, and designed a business plan catered to craft quality and creativity.

In the final days of Summer 2013, we were given the keys to what would become Aslan’s Brewpub. Plans and permits in hand, we began our nine-month journey into construction that was done primarily by us, Boe and Don Trosset. After months of unconditional commitment, Boe Trosset was added as an invaluable member of the ownership team. Fast forward to today and we are four great friends who have together manifested our dream of owning and operating an organic brewery. We are proud and fortunate to be working with many of our close friends and to be part of the amazing community that is Bellingham. 


NOW ON TAP: Desolation Angels

Desolation Angels Spritz Farmhouse Ale // 4.7% ABV // 20 IBU // 10.8 P light body + Skagit Valley raspberries + earthy Every year we buy thousands of pounds of organic fruit from local farmers to use in various projects. Sometimes the spent fruit still has plenty of flavor to use for another beer. This ... Read More

NOW ON TAP: Fish Have Feelings

Fish Have Feelings Salmon-Safe IPA // 7.2% ABV // 35 IBU // 14.6 P big body + juicy + tropical The ale with them scales has migrated back to Bellingham. For this beer, we sourced Salmon-Safe Certified Hops from Roy Farms. To obtain this certification, farmers need to minimize or eliminate their use of harmful ... Read More

NOW ON TAP: Helles

Helles Munich-Style Vollbier // 5.0% ABV // 20 IBU // 11.8 P medium body + malt forward + crisp Helles Vollbier is the latest release from our obsessive approach to authentic lager brewing. This beautifully delicate lager is simple – and only created with the highest quality Organic German Pils and Mittelfruh hops. A double ... Read More


Edelstoff Pils German-style Pilsener // 4.8% ABV // 35 IBU // 10.8 P light body + noble hops + sharp This German-style Pilsener was brewed specifically to be our entry into the Bitburger Challenge. When one of the most famous German breweries is judging your ability to make German lager bier, you have to make ... Read More

Stammtisch Session: Frank Trosset & Lager Beer

Frank pouring himself a frothy lager at the brewpub If you’ve visited Aslan in the past year, you’ve noticed an increase in the number of lagers on our menu. While ales will always hold a soft spot in Aslan’s heart, our staff has been really digging the brews coming out of our lager program. About ... Read More

NOW IN BOTTLES: Orange Suede Suit

Orange Suede Suit Farmhouse Ale // 5.0% ABV Orange Suede Suit is the result of a dream to create complex farmhouse ale with a low ABV. This beer is highly carbonated, very refreshing, and unlike any beer we’ve ever made. We worked with our good friend Paul Thurston and Fortside Brewing to design this concoction. ... Read More

NOW IN BOTTLES: Peach, Be Humble

Peach, Be Humble Fruited Saison // 7.8% ABV This beer started its journey on November 14, 2017, as a simple recipe consisting of Pilsener and Wheat malts and lightly hopped with Pacific Gem and Mosaic. We fermented and aged it in an oak foeder until August 2018, at which time tree-ripened peaches from Yakima where ... Read More

NOW ON TAP: Inevitable IPA

Inevitable IPA West Coast IPA with Hibiscus // 5.8% ABV // 55 IBU // 14.0 P floral + fresh cut grass + drying West Coast IPAs are classics. Much like the classics of art and music, they need to be revisited and remixed from time to time. With that in mind, we took a standard ... Read More

NOW ON TAP: Alligator Suitcase

Alligator Suitcase Double IPA // 8.2% ABV // 60 IBU // 17.5 P big body + citrus + pine Back for a third year, this DIPA resembles the 2018 version as a near single expression of Azacca hops grown for us by our friends at Roy Farms. Azacca is a unique hop, straddling the line ... Read More


PM to the AM Funk Barrel Aged Saison // 7.0% ABV This noteworthy beer was blended to help mark the 12th anniversary at Bailey’s Taproom in Portland, OR. The blend consists of two of the oldest beers in our barrel program. Each began its life in October of 2016. The first beer consisted of pilsener ... Read More


Hefe Weissbier // 5.4% ABV // 14 IBU // 12.6 P medium body + piney + balanced Who makes Hefe anymore?! While it may not be the most trendy beer in the PNW, it’s a beautiful style that’s worth resurrecting. We could ramble on about the extent we went to produce this classic, but our ... Read More

NOW ON TAP: Return of the Mack

Return of the Mack West Coast Style IPA // 7.0% ABV // 55 IBU // 14.6 P medium body + piney + balanced The return of the return of our West Coast style IPA. Inspired by a certain midwest icon, where nearly the entire hop bill is Centennial. For our beer though, we dry hop ... Read More

ARTIST FEATURE: Connor McPherson

Last month, the Aslan Depot courtyard got a pretty significant makeover. Connor McPherson, just days after returning from Australia, spent a week at the Depot constructing a mural that spans the entire back wall of the Depot. It is impossible not to notice the beautiful mural when walking down State Street these days. We sat ... Read More

NOW IN BOTTLES: Strawberry Dojo

Strawberry Dojo Fruited Saison // 6.2% ABV Strawberry Dojo begins like the others in the Dojo series, with the same base beer. The various types of fruit and their native microflora define each Dojo’s unique flavor. After approximately eight months of macerating the strawberries, the barrels were blended and bottled on March 26th of this ... Read More

NOW ON TAP: Captain Ron IPA

Captain Ron Tropical IPA // 7.0% ABV // 20 IBU // 15.5 P medium body + tropical + smooth Captain Ron is back! We used the same base recipe as last year, except we adjusted the hop profile a bit. Last year it was all Mandarina Bavaria hops. This time around the beer is mostly ... Read More

NOW ON TAP: 館山市 (Tateyama)

館山市 (Tateyama) Japanese Lager // 5.2% ABV // 18 IBU // 11.6 P light body + refreshing + crisp This premium quality pale lager is made with whole white rice and German Pilsener malt, which went through a 4-hour cereal/decoction mash. Lightly hopped with Strisselspalt for a hardly noticeable 17 IBUs. Fun fact, when Budweiser ... Read More

NOW ON TAP: Captain Planet IPA

April 17, 2019 Shop Manager NOW ON TAP: Captain Planet IPA April 17, 2019 Shop Manager Captain Planet IPA 7.0% ABV // 65 IBU // 15 P big body + pineapple/coconut notes + smooth An Earth Day celebration beer made in collaboration with our fellow B Corp friends at Crosby Hop Farm, along with our ... Read More

NOW ON TAP: Svetly 12° – Czech style Pilsner

April 12, 2019 Jack Lamb NOW ON TAP: Svetly 12° – Czech style Pilsner April 12, 2019 Jack Lamb SVETLY 12° (Czech Style Pilsner) 4.8% ABV // 8 IBU // 12 P medium body + floral + balanced In the Czech Republic golden lager is not called Pilsner, unless it’s THE Pilsner. That being Pilsner ... Read More

NOW AVAILABLE: Mountain Lion

April 5, 2019 Jack Lamb NOW AVAILABLE: Mountain Lion April 5, 2019 Jack Lamb 🗣COLLAB RELEASE!! 🏔Mountain Lion🦁 – IPA 6.0% ABV // 60 IBU // 14.0 Pmedium body + firmly bitter + unfiltered This collaborative IPA was brewed with our friends across town at Kulshan Brewing Company.Together we created one recipe, centered around a ... Read More

King of the Mountain

February 7, 2019 Jack Lamb King of the Mountain February 7, 2019 Jack Lamb Taken from During the past few years,Rainier Brewinghas partnered a few of Washington’s finest craft breweries. Two years ago, it was with Reuben’s Brews and last year was with Georgetown Brewing. Now the iconic Pacific Northwest associated brewery teams up ... Read More

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