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Aslan Brewing Company is an American brewery from Bellevue, Washington.

IT ALL STARTED IN THE SUMMER OF 2012, as a conversation over a pint of beer at a local Bellingham pub. We shared our dreams and soon realized that the elements of our future were sitting amongst us: a businessman, a craft beer believer and, most importantly, a brewer. Together, Frank Trosset, Pat Haynes, and Jack Lamb would go on to build and operate a pilot brewery in Downtown Bellingham, where, for the next twelve months of our lives, we would research and develop the knowledge and skills needed to start our own commercial microbrewery and restaurant.

We called it ASLAN BREWING COMPANY, and quickly realized its identity through our personal commonalities. With a commitment to organic ingredients, locally sourced goods, and low-impact practices, we aimed to offer the community something new and refreshing, the sustainable way. As for “ASLAN”: a lion is the King of the Jungle, a regal figure rooted in nature, and aslan is the Turkish word for lion. This aligned our desire to operate a world-class brewery all while preserving the raw and exotic elements of the world. Through hard work and perseverance, we brewed over 130 original pilot batches, connected with local brewers and beer lovers alike, and designed a business plan catered to craft quality and creativity.

In the final days of Summer 2013, we were given the keys to what would become Aslan’s Brewpub. Plans and permits in hand, we began our nine-month journey into construction that was done primarily by us, Boe and Don Trosset. After months of unconditional commitment, Boe Trosset was added as an invaluable member of the ownership team. Fast forward to today and we are four great friends who have together manifested our dream of owning and operating an organic brewery. We are proud and fortunate to be working with many of our close friends and to be part of the amazing community that is Bellingham. 



Mosaic IPA Organic Single Hop IPA 7.2% ABV // 40 IBU // 14 P medium body + resiny + juicy A two grain IPA made with barley grown in southern Oregon, flaked oats, and the ever-pungent Mosaic hop sourced from Yakima, Washington. A wonderfully balanced body, copious hop resin, and a silky mouthfeel all emulate ... Read More

NOW IN BOTTLES: Timber Cruiser

Timber Cruiser 7.0% ABV Brewed in celebration of Elizabeth Station’s 8th anniversary, Timber Cruiser is a blend of mixed culture Saisons, ranging in barrel residency from 1 to 3 years. Light, refreshing acidity, plenty of barrel character, and well-rounded brett. The beer was blended and rested on Douglas Fir branches for several weeks, creating a ... Read More

NOW ON TAP: Rauch Spezial

Rauch Spezial Organic Märzen Rauchbier 5.0% ABV // 23 IBU // 12.0 P Full Bodied + Beechwood Smoke + Smooth Modeled after the famous lager of Brauerei Spezial in Bamberg, Germany. The smokiness is smooth, well-integrated, and provides waves of complexity without being overpowering. Decoction mashed with Franconian malt, hopped moderately with Hersbrucker, lagered for ... Read More

NOW ON TAP: Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel Organic Mocha Horchata Brown 7.5% ABV // 18.6 P // 50 IBU Full Bodied + Roasted Coffee + Cinnamon Spice To celebrate the community and creations Fremont, we partnered with Lighthouse Roasters & Theo Chocolate to make a beer for the neighborhood. Rocket Fuel is Mocha Horchata Brown Ale incorporating cacao nibs from ... Read More

NOW ON TAP: Rauch Bock Hell

Rauch Bock Hell Organic Smoked Helles Bock 6.4% ABV // 16 P // 25 IBU Full Bodied + Beechwood Smoke + Smooth A full-bodied smoked, pale bock bier brewed for Lent. There was a time when Monks would replace solid food with strong beer for the 40 days of fasting during Lent. While this may ... Read More

NOW ON TAP: Cervisia

Cervisia Mediterranean Style Pilsener // 5.0% // 28 IBU // 11.3 P Medium Body + fresh berries + slight resin By using the newer hop varieties, Calista and Huell Melon, along with special malt, this version of a classic is decidedly more tropical. Golden hued, malty like a Pilsbury biscuit, and with a hop profile ... Read More

NOW ON TAP: King of the Mountain

King of the Mountain Organic Pale Lager // 5.0% ABV // 25 IBU // 11.2 P Medium Body + slight matchstick sulfur + crisp finish This year’s winter classic was brewed in collaboration with Protect our Winters and is our first-ever carbon neutral beer. Inspired by the pale industrial lagers of Holland, King of the ... Read More


2 Deep To celebrate the Aslan Depot’s second anniversary, we constructed 2 Deep — a unique blend of four select oak casks aged in our cellar for over two years. These casks endured the trials, tribulations, & joys of sensory exploitation at the beloved Depot over the last two years. While pale and straight forward ... Read More

NOW IN BOTTLES: Bière de Garde

Bière de Garde 7.2% ABV A loosely defined farmhouse ale, traditionally brewed in Northern France. Ours draws deeply on the rustic origins of the style – utilizing oak casks as the fermentation vessels and a mix of single-celled organisms for fermentation. Fruity and reminiscent of strawberries, peaches, and rhubarb on the nose. A complex delivery ... Read More

NOW ON TAP: Megathrust

Megathrust Organic Triple IPA // 9.99% ABV // 60 IBU // 21 P big body + pina colada + smooth Naming our triple IPA after the highest magnitude earthquake possible seems like the right call. Megathrust is a modern West Coast Style IPA — hopped on the hot side with Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo and ... Read More

Employee Feature: Lew

Meet Lew- One of Aslan’s senior beertenders. Lew’s been with us for about 4 & ½ years, slinging beers and waiting tables. “This is the longest I’ve worked anywhere” admits Lew. “All my friends work here… and It’s a company that you can feel pretty good about working for” When asking Lew’s cohorts how they ... Read More

NOW IN BOTTLES: The Three Dojos

Three different beers in our Dojo series are serendipitously ready to be enjoyed! Because of incredible organic farms likeBow Hill Blueberries and Hedlin Family Farms, we never use fruit puree or juice products in our beers. Today’s release slate includes 2018 Raspberry, 2018 Blueberry, & 2019 Strawberry Dojo vintages. Each vintage number refers to year ... Read More

NOW ON TAP: De La Rouge

De La Rouge Organic India Pale Ale // 6.8% ABV // 14.2 P // 40 IBU De La Rouge is a singular expression of Barbe Rouge and Mistral French hops. Recent developments from the French hop breeding program have given us a uniquely European hazy IPA. Expressed most forwardly as wild berry sorbet —this beer ... Read More

Employee Feature: Jake and Colton

Say hello to Jake Hacker and Colton Phillips: The dynamic duo that runs our kitchen. Colton Phillips (left) and Jake Hacker (right) After working on the line for two years, the pair was promoted to take over Aslan’s food program and have been crushing it ever since. When asked how the two work together, Jake ... Read More

NOW ON TAP: Old Bavarian

Old Bavarian Organic Provinical Lager // 5.4% ABV // 25 IBU Old Bavarian comes from our love of Southern German lager. A keller Festbier, richly malty and crisply hoppy – served unfiltered. With the blend of malt from 3 Franconian malthouses, and hops from Hersbrucker we should really be calling this beer old Franconian – ... Read More

NOW ON TAP: Schwarzbier

Schwarzbier Organic Black Lager // 5.2% ABV // 25 IBU Huge thanks to local homebrewer Cory Geerdts, who created the recipe for this Schwarzbier! As the winner of our homebrewing challenge at the Depot earlier in the year, Cory got to come brew a beer with us of his choice. This dark lager is dark ... Read More

NOW ON TAP: Mandarina Queen

Mandarina Queen Organic IPA // 6.8% ABV // 35 IBU medium body + orange creamsicle + lush This Queen of an IPA is nearly an exclusive representation of Mandarina Bavaria hops. A luscious and viscous mouthfeel with strong notes of Florida oranges, dried coconut, & honeydew melon dominate. This beer reminds us of a certain ... Read More

Employee Feature: Aubrey

“I pride myself on being able to push myself into things that are hard. If things are easy… that’s when I know it’s kind of time to move on.” Meet Aubrey, one of Aslan’s lead bartenders. This woman rocks! Quite literally- Whether it’s climbing rocks or studying them, Aubrey’s got it dialed. “People ask me ... Read More


Evil IPA Organic IPA // 6.66% ABV // 666 IBU // 14.8 P medium body + dank + evil EVIL Bikes, Lib Tech, Travis Rice, Graham Aggasiz & the most shreddable dankness all in one can. Hopped exclusively and judiciously with fresh off the line Amarillo and El Dorado. Extra sticky resin, ripe melon, bright ... Read More

NOW IN BOTTLES: Oak Aged Tateyama

Oak Aged Tateyama (館山市 ) This journey started as a Japanese style rice lager, fermented in stainless steel. On the day of spunding, for natural carbonation, an oak cask was filled and immediately placed in a walk-in cooler. The oak cask had previously held red wine, for one season. The cask was clean of any ... Read More

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