Bend Brewing Co.

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Bend Brewing Co. is an American brewery from Oregon US.

You will always find a comfortable place to relax with friends and family at Bend Brewing Co. This quaint brew-pub overlooks Mirror Pond in downtown Bend. Brewing less than 1,000 barrels a year, Brewmaster, Ian Larkin and his assistant, Josh Harned, continue to produce award winning beer in such a small location. The beer is brewed upstairs overlooking the pub, where quality is always the focus. Each 22oz beer is hand-labeled and hand-bottled. In addition to the amazing beer, there are delicious offerings of food, wine and cocktails. Patio dining in the sunshine is highly recommended! BBC distributes locally, but recently expanded into the Eugene, Roseburg and parts of the Oregon coast with Bigfoot Beverages. Be sure to try one of our beers if you find it, and please stop by the pub to sample our current beers on tap and our  food and cocktail menu.


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