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Idle Hands Craft Ales is an American brewery from Malden, Massachusetts.

Our Belgian-inspired ales are developed among some of the finest breweries and craft brewers in the country. You may have tried these styles through other brewers, but we’re sure you will find that little something extra in our offerings. Choose from our regular line up of year-round offerings or from our seasonal and specialty releases.

Why Belgian Inspired?

Belgian beer dates back to the Middle Ages when it was only produced in monasteries. Over 500 years and 500 beers later, the depth and breadth of Belgian beers is tremendous with most of the popular styles and brands still brewed in Belgium. Today, Belgian beers are frequently paired with a variety of food offerings to complement and enhance the flavors of both.

As the rise of the craft beer and locavore movements coincide, we hope that Idle Hands becomes a local favorite and mainstay. We offer an array of Belgian beers to provide refreshment, complement a meal, and most importantly, keep those idle hands from making the devil’s playground!





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Brewer’s Spotlight: Clay 8th Anniversary Beer

Boy, oh boy is this a fully stacked week here at Idle Hands! We have got some massive events and beer releases coming your way; you may as well set up camp across the street. But among the chaos there is one beer I do want to make sure we talk about: this year’s Anniversary ... Read More

Brewer’s Spotlight: Brocktoberfest

Finally. It is that time of year again. The best season in New England approacheth. Crisp dry air, crackly leaves, fires, sweaters, that special sunlight and the best beer styles. Yes, I am talking about Autumn and the arrival of Pumpkin beers– …haha, nope. Just kidding, none of that happens here. No, I am talking ... Read More

Brewer’s Spotlight: Change Up #16

Working in a brewery requires a certain tolerance of chaos. Everything in a brewery is in a state of change: fermentation, conditioning, mashing, blending, etc. Yet, business requires predictability, schedules, routines, something static. Tension is the name of this game. But, tension can bring us closer to what we aim for; think of how a ... Read More

Brewer’s Spotlight: Malts Part 1

The first in a two part series on Malts, part 2 can be read by clicking here. These days, malt is often overshadowed by hops and yeast; but do not let that fool you into thinking that malt adds next to nothing. While beer is a balance of several ingredients, malt is often taken for ... Read More

Brewer’s Spotlight: Malts Part 2

Malt: Part IIFlavors and Grains The second in a two part series on Malts, part 1 can be read by clicking here. Previously we discussed the difference between barley and malt. Barley is the natural form of the grain of choice for brewing. A malt is a modified grain, one that is tricked into thinking ... Read More

Brewer’s Spotlight: Sours

In recent years, summer has become synonymous with sour ales. It makes sense since they are thirst quenching, often lower alcohol, and can have lovely fruit additions. So it is not surprising that one of the first questions we get is: ‘Do you have any sour ales?’ But this is tricky, because sourness is not ... Read More

Brewer’s Spotlight: Beers To Beat The Heat

 Hello there! We had several busy weeks in the brewery, which kept me away from the Brewer’s Spotlight. But it is well worth it. We now have more Brocktoberfest, our annual Festbier, than ever before. Quietly lagering for the next month or so, expect “Brock’ by the end of August …mmm… But till then we ... Read More

Brewer’s Spotlight: Edgeworth

Edgeworth: our American Pils named for the Malden neighborhood we call home. We developed this recipe in early 2018, hoping to make a warm weather Pilsner. It quickly became a staff, local, and regular favorite. Now we are seriously considering brewing it year round. So perhaps it is time to shed some light on it.  ... Read More

Brewer’s Spotlight: Kill Your Idles Pluot

This week’s spotlight shines on Kill Your Idles: Pluot. Part of our line of Kettle Sour Ales, these beers draw inspiration from Berliner Weiss from Northern Germany. Our version differs in our souring method, the use of lactose sugars, and adding fruit puree during fermentation. First, and most importantly, in order to prevent lactic bacteria ... Read More

Brewer’s Spotlight: Zeroth and Farewell!

I’ve been highly anticipating the time when I would finally get to shine the spotlight on this one.  Roughly two years ago in the summer of 2017, I got the chance to share the brew deck one more time with my mentor and friend, Ben Howe.  Getting to start my career under his tutelage, was a ... Read More

Brewer’s Spotlight: Barrel-Aged Annika

Hey all!  We got some exciting happenings this Sunday at the brewery!  We gonna have a new beer that we poured a whole bunch of effort into AND some of our favorite friends in the industry serving up their wonderful food!  It’s gonna be a bash… a Baltic Bash! You know we love our lagers ... Read More

Brewer’s Spotlight: Splitter

It’s no secret there is a lot of attention on hazy and intense IPAs and DIPAs in the craft beer scene these days. They’ve attracted millions of new consumers to the industry and have turned family owned and operated breweries into industry powerhouses. Four Seam and Six Seam have played a huge part in expanding ... Read More

Brewer’s Spotlight: Slow Pours

While the pace of production in a professional brewery is far from slow, sometimes it’s better to slow down when it comes to unwinding and as always patience is rewarded. With that being said, let’s talk about the “slow pour.” For those of you that have visited Idle Hands (and if you’re on this mailing ... Read More

Brewer’s Spotlight: Kill Your Idles: Spring Flowers and Change Up #15

If you’re an avid reader of our little spotlight corner, you’ll know that I am a VERY seasonally oriented imbiber.  With spring time closing in (runs away to knock on every piece of wood in this brewery), we feel inspired to craft flavors and aromas of fresh blooming flowers and bright fruity characteristics reminiscent of ... Read More

Brewer’s Spotlight: Double Citra Four Seam

It’s not everyday that our goal here is to brew a beer that’s meant to command your attention with intense characteristics.  We celebrate the fact we like to keep a diverse portfolio of beer, and as we grow, intensity is something that we’re going to have to take a shot at every once in a ... Read More

Brewer’s Spotlight: Four Seam, Batch #50

Hey everyone!  Hope you had a good weekend!  We had a pretty eventful one here in Boston between Extreme Beer Fest weekend and the Super Bowl.  The former brings in a lot of beer focused tourists to the area and as always we’re out to win over new fans to our work.  We saw a ... Read More

Brewer’s Spotlight: Double Crossroader

Hey readers, first off I’d like to say sorry for the delay in my inaugural spotlight of 2019 but I have a good excuse; we’re hitting the ground running here!  We grew a ton last year, producing almost double the amount of beer than we produced the year before!  This is a huge accomplishment for ... Read More

Brewer’s Spotlight: Honeyball

With the holidays fast approaching, you’d think we’d be slowing down a bit but we’re far from that.  We’ve had an extra canning run with one of our most popular beers and today the return of our beloved American Stout, Check Raise (you can read my previous Spotlight on Check Raise here).  We have many bottles ... Read More

Brewer’s Spotlight: Noonanbock

As we’ve watched the professional brewing industry grow, I believe there’s been a shift towards the importance of a formal education in the science and engineering behind brewing.  In other industries an undergraduate degree can help a candidate get their foot in the door or help a lower ranking employee move their career forward.  Universities ... Read More

Thanksgiving Week Hours

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family and friends over a great meal and hopefully some great beers too! Our Thanksgiving Week hours are as follows: Monday 11/19: 3-9pm Tuesday 11/20: 3-9pm (Kill Your Idles: Crantastic Release) Wednesday 11/21: Noon-9pm Thursday 11/22: CLOSED Friday 11/23: Noon-11pm (Funky Friday) Share: ... Read More

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