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Oliver Brewing Company is an American brewery from Baltimore, Maryland.
Oliver Breweries was born in 1993 in the basement of a brewpub in downtown Baltimore. The original brewing equipment was brought over from the U.K. with the aim of creating authentic English ales.

Since then, we’ve created hundreds of beers, listened to thousands of hours of ear-piercing metal, and made more beer-loving friends than we can count.

With our new brewery, we’re ready to bring Oliver Brewing Co. to the masses. But no matter how big we get, we’ll always stay true to our roots.



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  • Alcohol Content: 6.2%
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The Devil Made Me Do It.

June 1st By Drexler A couple of months ago it occurred to me that we were fast approaching brew number 666 at Shannon Drive (brew number 5069 in the history of Oliver Brewing fact fans). Today is that day, 2 day’s before the 3rd anniversary of our first brew day at this location as it ... Read More

Not quite dead and buried

April 20th By Steve Jones It’s been said for many years, Mild Ale is dead, but, while it may have been on life-support, it’s far from in the grave. Back in my Motherland, CAMRA has been promoting Mild May for as long as I can remember and have had a Mild Trail to aid the ... Read More

Time Flies and Other Stories

April 11th By Steve Jones Time flies doesn’t it? A little over 24 years ago I was sitting at a round table interview, one of about a dozen job seekers, in a conference room at the Holt, Plant & Deakin Brewery in Wolverhampton. The reason? A “brewer wanted” position advertised in the Coventry Telegraph at ... Read More

City Brew Tour Tips

April 9th By News Team Like many beer lovers, it may be your time. You might be ready to push the boundaries of ordinary beerdom and take the next royal step into the beer geekdom that awaits! Your first mission is to get more acquainted with where all that beer comes from. 0 Comments Brewery ... Read More

Long Live Beer & Rock & Roll

Long Live Beer & Rock & Roll April 6th By Steve Jones It’s that time again and you surely know that beer and rock and roll is the ultimate pairing so, ladies and gentlemen, we present Long Live Rock & Roll Volume IX, “The Madness”, a tribute to the mighty Great Electric Quest ahead of ... Read More

Integrity Collaboration for Decibel Metal and Beer Fest

April 2nd By Steve Jones When we were invited to participate in Decibel’s Metal & Beer Festival I immediately contacted Decibel’s Albert Mudrian suggesting that I brew a special beer for the festival in collaboration with one of the bands playing (not knowing at this time who was actually on the bill as it had ... Read More

Now Available in Eastern PA

March 30th By News Team Oliver Brewing Co. has been brewing bold beers since 1993. Now, craft beer drinkers in Eastern PA can find select Oliver Brewing Co. beers in their local specialty stores. At Oliver Brewing Co., we create distinctive American ales inspired by traditional brewing methods. As one of Baltimore’s original craft brewers, ... Read More

LA Curandera Release and Stoner Rock BBQ Recipe

August 5th By News Team You know how rock and roll and craft beer go together like Bonnie & Clyde right? Yeah, so do our friends at www.stonerrockbbq.com (@stonerrockbbq) and they’ve got the skills to throw some delicious eats into the mix too! 0 Comments Brewery News Twitter Facebook Pinterest Share: ... Read More

New Day Rising (Part 1)

January 6th By Steve Jones Welcome to the New Year! It’s an exciting prospect here at Oliver Brewing Co., we’ve got big plans and cool projects on the horizon. This is the year that we can … no, it’s not a “little engine that could” thing, I mean that we’ll be putting product into cans, ... Read More

The Friday Question

December 18th By Steve Jones Woah! The Friday Question … I know, right! It was believed to be lost in the mists of time but here it is, the veritable phoenix rising from the ashes of the old blog on the Pratt Street Ale House web site. Hell, some of you probably weren’t even born ... Read More

Punk’s Not Dead … But Never Mind The Bollocks

Punk’s Not Dead … But Never Mind The Bollocks December 3rd By Steve Jones Back in March of 2011 I received a message from Dave McCabe, co-owner/operator of Punk’s Backyard Grill in Annapolis, enquiring about the possibility of brewing a house beer for Punk’s. I wasn’t familiar with Punk’s at the time but on my ... Read More

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