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Thornbury Village Brewery is a Canadian brewery from Ontario, .

Since 2006, our historic facility has been nestled in the famous Blue Mountains in the midst of 7,500 acres of apple orchards.


Q & A With Derek H

Q & A With Derek Hammond Meet Derek Hammond, Thornbury Craft’s Retail and Hospitality Manager. Derek has worked in the hospitality industry for many years, and is passionate about meeting new people and providing customers with a memorable experience. His knowledgeable understanding of the industry, and friendly demeanor provides Thornbury Village with a unique take ... Read More

Q & A With our Local Sales Rep, Ethan Martel!

Q & A with Our Local Sales Rep, Ethan Martel!This month we sat down with a “go getter’ Thornbury Craft employee, Mr. Ethan Martel! Ethan has worked for Thornbury Craft for just under two years and has taken on countless roles in his time as an employee. From tap room serving, to conducting tours of ... Read More

Blue Mountain Light Lager NOW Available at The Beer Store!

Our brewing motto is simple: we take our time to do it right using traditional brewing methods. We brew using the decoction method (slow and steady), which has become essential to our process in crafting award-winning beers. We are dedicated to crafting small-batch European style Pilsners and Lagers that are true to traditional style while ... Read More

Q & A with our Retail Assistant Manager, Jaime Sirna!

Q & A with our Retail Assistant Manager, Jaime Sirna! Thornbury Village is a bustling place. From our production area, to our retail / tap room, events space and patio, it’s rare to find a dull moment! Thanks to our amazing staff, our Village runs smoothly each and every day. This month, we had the ... Read More

Q & A With Our Brewmaster, James Wilson!

Q & A With Our Brewmaster, James Wilson This month we had the chance to chat craft beer with our ever-so-talented and passionate Brewmaster, James Wilson! We hope you learn a few fun facts about the brewing industry, our brewing vision, and about James himself. James also shares some very exciting news on a new ... Read More

Q & A With Our Cider Master, Doug Johnson!

Q & A With Our Cider Master, Doug Johnson Have you ever wondered who’s behind the magic of our delicious cider? Or have you simply wanted to learn more about our Cider Maker? This month we had the opportunity to chat with Doug Johnson, our “Man Behind The Magic” AKA Cider Master and Manager of ... Read More

The Alpine Snow TKO Snowboard World Cup comes to Blue Mountain!

We are very excited to announce our partnership with The Alpine Snow TKO Snowboard World Cup! Next Saturday February 29th and Sunday March 1st 2020, the Blue Mountain Village will be hosting the world’s best alpine snowboarders to compete in a head to head format. Thornbury Village Cider & Brew House will be the official ... Read More

A Greener Village

Happy New Decade from Thornbury Village Cider & Brew House!  A new year brings on new initiatives! We are so pleased to start the new decade with green initiatives at our forefront.  Single use plastic has been proven to have increasingly harmful effects on our environment & eco systems. The studies are shocking and the ... Read More

Enjoy Patio Season Year Round!

Canadians love patio season. Each year we count down the days until summer returns so we can soak in the sun with a beverage in hand! Patio season invokes sunshine, good times shared and toasting with friends and family. Our patio has become a hot spot for locals, as well as new comers visiting Grey ... Read More

Apples For All 2019

Feed Ontario unites food banks, industry partners, and local communities in their work to end hunger and poverty. Sadly, the need for food banks in Ontario continues. Thornbury Village took part in Feed Ontario’s Hunger Action Month for the second year in a row.  Thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s initiative. ... Read More

January Prize Pack Giveaway

January feels like a pretty long month, eh? We want to help you beat the Winter blahs. So we’re giving away a prize pack of free stuff –  actually, we’re giving away TWO! All you have to do to enter… Share: ... Read More

Roasted Roots with Cider Glaze

Root veggies—especially heavy hitters like turnips, rutabaga, and parsnips—can always use a little extra love to get the family to buy in. A quick cider glaze is just the thing. Roast up a colorful mix of roots until just browned,… Share: ... Read More

Spiced Cider Doughnuts

Get into the Fall mood with this delicious recipe for homemade donuts, made with Thornbury Apple Cider! Ingredients For the dough 2-1/2 cups Thornbury apple cider 4 oz. (8 Tbs.) unsalted butter, at room temperature 1/2 packed cup light brown… Share: ... Read More

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