Red Rock Brewery: Honoring Graduatates of 2020

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Tröegs Independent Brewing: Trained tasters look after the flavor of your beer

Some people think working at a brewery means we just sit around and taste beer all day. Well, perhaps it’s not all day, but it is pretty much every day. Here at Tröegs, we employ a vigorous sensory panel training, and only co-workers with the most discerning palates make the grade. If you’ve ever been ... Read More

Brooklyn Brewery: Milton Glaser

BLOGBySteve Hindy SAT JUN 27Milton GlaserMilton Glaser, the graphic design icon who created the Brooklyn Brewery logo and helped make Brooklyn an international brand, died yesterday in Manhattan on his 91st birthday.  Milton was a mentor and a friend to me for 34 years.  My wife Ellen and I and our daughter Lily shared many dinners ... Read More

Brooklyn Brewery: Remembering Milton Glaser

NEWSByTim Rozmus SAT JUN 27Remembering Milton GlaserWe are sad to share that Milton Glaser, legendary graphic designer and creator of our logo, passed away yesterday at the age of 91. Milton combined visual elements and artistic styles from around the world to create his work, forever changing the world of design. His most well-known pieces ... Read More

Aslan Brewing Company: NOW IN CANS: Montego

June 24, 2020Jack LambNOW IN CANS: MontegoJune 24, 2020Jack Lamb Montego Organic Jamaican Style Lager 4.6% ABV // 12 IBU // 10.7 P medium body + mild + refreshing Brewed for the heat of summer, we present to you Montego, a light Jamaican Style Lager. Cereal mashed with organic, non-GMO corn grits (yes they exist!), ... Read More

Aslan Brewing Company: ️‍ NOW IN CANS: B Proud ️‍

June 24, 2020Jack Lamb🏳️‍🌈 NOW IN CANS: B Proud 🏳️‍🌈June 24, 2020Jack Lamb B Proud Organic IPA ABV 6.5% // IBU 52 // 14.5 P light body + fresh pineapple + biscuit malt B Proud is an easy-drinking IPA with notes of fresh pineapple, strawberries, and orange zest. A biscuity malt profile supports a mellow ... Read More

Aslan Brewing Company: Employee Feature: Shanna

Meet Shanna– Aslan’s Director of Human Resources. Shanna has been with us since we first opened in 2014- six years ago! “I was [Aslan’s] first interview, which was really funny” says Shanna, “I wrote an ode to beer on my cover letter and I think that really helped me stand out”. Originally hired as a ... Read More

Aslan Brewing Company: NOW IN CANS: Disco Lemonade ☀️

June 22, 2020Jack LambNOW IN CANS: Disco Lemonade ☀️🕺🍋June 22, 2020Jack Lamb Disco Lemonade Organic Berliner Weisse 4% ABV // 0 IBU // 10 P light body + effervescent + very tart Year over year, this sour wheat beer has been signaling the beginning of summer here in Bellingham. And in its 6th year of ... Read More