Red Rock Brewery: Menu Test

#om_menu, #om_menu dt, #om_menu dd.price { background-color:#fff }BeerBottled BeersOtto American Imperial Pilsner$9.00This American Imperial Pilsner pours crisp, clean and bright. Jextaposing the elegant sweetness of pilsner malt with aromas of tropical fruits and citrus, this lager beer shines in the glass and on the palate.Frohlich Pilsner$7.50- Crisp – Crackery – Dry – (ABV) 5.5% (COLOR) ... Read More

Red Rock Brewery: Paardebloem 2020

Editorial Just in case you forgot… Men aren’t the only one’s that forget about that special date. In this issue of FashionFreaks, we take a look at awesome accessories for men that you could be buying this minute if you have forgotten his birthday, your anniversary, etc. We also bring an exclusive interview with the famous watchmaker… ... Read More

Brasserie C: The new tanks of Brasserie C have arrived in Liège land!

As you know, our brewery is growing. You have certainly followed the progress of the work on our social networks (Instagram account and Facebook page). After several months of work and waiting, our new tanks have finally arrived in Liège! In the coming weeks, we will gradually install all of our future brewery in rue ... Read More

Bison Brewing Company: Best Stir Plates for Homebrewing

All healthy fermentations start with healthy yeast. To give your beer the best chance of fully fermenting with no off-flavors, you need to pay attention to yeast health and pitch rate. Stir plates are the most efficient and effective tool you can use to make sure you’re brewing with the best yeast. Stir plates are ... Read More

Frey’s Brewing Company: We’re Open With Outdoor Seating!

We’re are now open for outdoor service! Our Spring and Summer hours are Friday 4-9pm, Saturday 12-9pm and Sunday 12-8pm. Please read the following items carefully BEFORE you visit our farm brewery. We appreciate your patience at this time as we adjust to the temporary guidelines. Guests can sit outside at the picnic tables, Adirondack ... Read More