Brasserie de la Senne: Nüetnigenough

From the Brasserie de la Senne on May 31, 2016 in Cafés 0 Y-t -it still someone & rsquo; one who does not know & laquo; & nbsp; the Nuet & nbsp; & raquo; ?? the name is almost unpronounceable by against the dishes and the beer menu is very tasty and seasoned with a ... Read More

The Second Wedge Brewing Company: GRAND OPENING Sunday, June 5!

After the world’s longest soft launch, we’re thrilled to be celebrating our grand opening Sunday, June 5. Come and enjoy great food, music and beer, meet some of the amazing people we collaborate with, and help us launch our new beer garden! Our celebration has 2 parts: DAYTIME BASH – open to all, no tix ... Read More

Moortgat: 1st Great Breweries Marathon is a success

Under very sunny conditions, the start of the first edition of the Great Breweries Marathon sounded Sunday morning. The first Belgian running and walking event in the sign of a rich Belgian beer culture, with 5,500 participants, has been completely full for a while. More than 3,500 participants walked the 42 km marathon or the ... Read More

Moortgat: Duvel Tripel Hop: six flavors, one winner

After 6 editions of innovative brewing and creating new Tripel Hop flavors, the time has come for Duvel to listen to you, the fans. The brewery therefore launches a blind tasting kit containing the six Duvel Tripel Hop editions ever brewed, made unrecognizable for an honest and pure taste experience. Taste, vote and decide which ... Read More

Brasserie de la Senne: SESSION 4

From the Brasserie de la Senne on May 20, 2016 in Events 0 In preparation for the summer season, we present you the ultimate summer beer! Hyper refreshing, brewed with malted wheat and a blend of noble hops and from the New World that give it a marked lemony character … This is SESSION 4, ... Read More

Brasserie de la Senne: UTZ – Pé de Pau

From Brasserie de la Senne May 18th, 2016 in Events 0 A piece on the Wooden Leg ?? Check! Brazilian-Brussels group UTZ launches vinyl & nbsp; Pé de Pau & nbsp; & raquo; at the Soul Inn this Thursday night. Wooden leg on the barrel for everyone, of course! Share: Permanent link Related Articles SESSION ... Read More

Van Steenberge: Silver for Gulden Draak

Not only was the brewery awarded a prize at the New York International Beer Competition, so was one of its favourite beers. In the Belgian Style Dark Strong Ale category, Gulden Draak captured the silver medal. ‘This new prize makes clear that the medals that Gulden Draak has received in the past were not just ... Read More

Van Steenberge: Images of construction work at brewery

Soon we will start up our new cooling installation, and the bottling plant is getting a brand-new rinser.  This new rinser will ensure substantially lower water consumption. The work on the new cooling block is right on schedule: the building carcass is in place and the floors have been laid. At the moment, the finishing ... Read More

Van Steenberge: The Van Steenberge Brewery introduces unique tasting glass

For quite some time now, the brewery has been looking for the ideal glass for smelling, tasting and drinking its beer. A glass that allows optimal assessment of colour, clarity, foam and taste.   Qualities The balanced shape of the glass accentuates the foam, the aroma and the tastes of the beer. The narrower neck ... Read More