Flying Dog Brewery: Peach, Peach, Cobbler

Aug 28 Peach, Peach, Cobbler Once a year every mutt at Flying Dog rises to the occasion, from our yeast propagators to our bean counters, to get their two cents in on what new beers, styles, and ingredients our brewers should be playing with. The winning pitches unite under the umbrella of our Brewhouse Rarities ... Read More

Crazy Mountain Brewing Company: Faces of Trade: Crazy Mountain Brewing Company

Check out our CEO’s conversation with the US Chamber of Commerce in regards to Trade Works for US. We’re always working towards achieving global exposure for Crazy Mountain beers and have had great success with our experience thus far! “Here at Crazy Mountain Brewing Company, we manufacture craft beer and sell it through wholesale networks ... Read More

Timmermans: Vacancy brewer Timmermans PLC

Timmermans Brewery is currently looking for a brewer (full time) to reinforce the team. Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us or share it with your community !   ... Read More

John Martin: Being a Brewer is a Blend of Passion… and Rigor!

4 months ago In beer country, nothing seems more attractive than to embrace the brewing profession. Yet, don’t be fooled by the increasing number of amateur-magicians, becoming a brewer requires a lot of personal commitment, scientific knowledge and expertise! When it comes to beer-making, Willem Van Herreweghe, a master brewer of the historic Timmermans Brewery ... Read More