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DuClaw Brewing Company is an American brewery from Mount Airy, Maryland.

DuClaw is not your typical brewery. We consider the art of beer making sacred and maybe that’s why we’ve won more than 60 awards. And with more than 30 distinguished microbrews, ranging from Double IPAs to Barley Wines to Malts and beyond, we deliver on what we promise. If the label says Double IPA, then a Double IPA is what you’re drinking – and a damn good one, too. 

We’ve come a long way since 1996 and we didn’t get here by creating a cheap beer for the masses. We got here by respecting each and every beer we make. And when you care about making really good beer, when you stay focused on what really matters, people respond.


2018 Launch Party & Can Release

DuClaw Brewing Company: 2018 Launch Party & Can Release

2018 Launch Party & Can Release February 5, 2018 Join us at the brewery for our 2018 Launch Party! Celebrate with us as we introduce to you the new DuClaw taste with our first can release of the year, the introduction of two new can line series, and the welcoming of Raven Beer to the ... Read More

DuClaw Brewing Company: Cantaloupe and Dad Jokes

May 3, 2017 Episode 2 of “An Average Day at DuClaw” is here! We put a ton of work into our Off Line Series beers. Each new edition pushes the envelope of originality, is bottled during our brewery events, and released for sale in its freshest possible state: right off the end of our bottling ... Read More

Real Ale Fest 2017 is Canceled

DuClaw Brewing Company: Real Ale Fest 2017 is Canceled

April 21, 2017 Due to the restrictive nature of Maryland laws and regulations regarding breweries, it is illegal for us to pour beer from guest breweries. We worked with the state liquor board for several weeks to create an exception for this event, but unfortunately were unable to make that exemption came to fruition. It is ... Read More

An Average Day at DuClaw

DuClaw Brewing Company: An Average Day at DuClaw

April 12, 2017 Of all of the questions that we get asked, one is far more common than all of the rest: How cool is it to work at a brewery? You can only say, “Really #$@%ing cool!” so many times before it becomes easier to just show everyone… with our new web video series, ... Read More

2017 Seasonals, Part 1

DuClaw Brewing Company: 2017 Seasonals, Part 1

January 9, 2017 We’re all super excited about the first half of this year’s seasonal beer lineup. From January to June we’ve got a great mix of returning favorites and innovative new brews that’s got a little something for everyone. The year kicks off with the long awaited return of Mysterium, our refreshing ale brewed ... Read More

Freshest…Beer…Ever. The Offline Series!

DuClaw Brewing Company: Freshest…Beer…Ever. The Offline Series!

Freshest…Beer…Ever. The Offline Series! January 8, 2017 In 2016, our never-ending quest to expand the boundaries of brewing lead to a collection of events built around a new series of beers designed to be consumed in their freshest possible state. “The Offline Series” is bottled immediately after conditioning, packaged while you wait, and sold directly ... Read More

Welcome to the all new duclaw.com

DuClaw Brewing Company: Welcome to the all new duclaw.com

January 7, 2017 In the spirit of new beginnings, welcome to the all new duclaw.com! More than a simple facelift, our online home has evolved to provide visitors with an all-new, more intuitive user experience that makes it easier than ever to share with you the wealth of knowledge housed here. Learn everything there is ... Read More

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