Monteith’s Brewing Company

Country: New Zealand

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Monteith’s Brewing Company is a New Zealand brewery from West Coast, .

If you follow someone, you risk imitating them. But if you strike out on your own, there’s no such risk. Because there’s no one to be compared to, and nothing to be compared with, except your own measure of success. You walk in the direction of your choosing, and to the beat of your own drum. And only you decide if you’ve got there or not. Then being the first one there, you get to write the rules, and set the agenda. Proposed, seconded, and passed. No debate.

There’s nothing more liberating than having the horizon in front of you, knowing that the rest of the world is behind you. And there’s a cold beer or cider beside you. Made by brewers at the height of their craft. That’s how we’ve always done it, and how we’ll always do it.

Here’s to the next 147 years. And untold great beers.


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