Bison Brewing Company: Under Pressure: What is Pressure Fermentation?

Tom Green August 18, 2020 As beer ferments, yeast converts sugar to ethanol (alcohol) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Most brewers allow the CO2 to escape from the fermenting vessel. If you trap the gas inside the fermenter, this is called fermenting under pressure. Pressure fermentation refers to beer that is fermented under a pressure that ... Read More

Bison Brewing Company: LalBrew Voss Kveik Ale Yeast Review

Tom Green August 18, 2020 Traditional Norwegian farmhouse yeast, called kveik, has recently exploded in popularity world-wide. Brewers are embracing this unique type of yeast for its range of uses and high fermentation temperatures. This growing interest has spurred the rise of many new commercially available kveik strains. LalBrew Voss Kveik Ale Yeast is a ... Read More

Bison Brewing Company: Tame the Yeast: How to Capture Wild Yeast for Homebrewing

Tom Green August 18, 2020 Most homebrewers rely on commercial yeast strains to ferment their beer. As a healthy fermentation is one of the most important aspects of brewing, it’s always a safe and predictable decision to use store bought yeast. But what if you could find great tasting wild yeast right in your own ... Read More

Bison Brewing Company: FermZilla Review: High Pressure, Low Budget

Tom Green August 18, 2020 Never before have homebrewers had so much selection when choosing a fermenter. From low budget buckets, to expensive stainless steel unitanks, the market is flooded with a wide variety of products. When the FermZilla advertised pressure fermentation and a conical design with a very affordable price, we knew we had ... Read More

Bison Brewing Company: How to Brew Gose

Tom Green August 18, 2020 Sour and salty, gose is a unique style of beer. The unconventional flavor profile comes together for an ultra refreshing and satiating experience. Homebrewing gose is a fun and creative process. Kettle souring, then flavoring with hops, coriander, and salt leaves tons of room for your own twists. Add fruits, ... Read More

Aslan Brewing Company: Employee Feature: Austin M.

Meet the face behind Aslan’s graphic design. Everything from our signature hophead logo, can labels, product photography, and oh so much more is thanks to this creative mastermind. Austin’s been working with us since the dawn of Aslan– before we ever opened up commercially. Austin posing with some of his label art One of Austin’s ... Read More

Tröegs Independent Brewing: Tröegs and The Nature Conservancy’s new dry-hopped pilsner helps protect PA’s Kittatinny Ridge

A portion of proceeds from Trail Day dry-hopped pilsner to support purchase of land critical to clean water, rich forests and safe migratory passageThe Nature Conservancy and Tröegs Independent Brewing are once again joining together to protect Pennsylvania’s Kittatinny Ridge, an ecologically important 185-mile chain of forested Appalachian mountains that runs through Pennsylvania. Today, Tröegs ... Read More

Aslan Brewing Company: NOW IN CANS: Helles

August 17, 2020Jack LambNOW IN CANS: HellesAugust 17, 2020Jack Lamb Helles Organic Vollbier 4.7% ABV // 21 IBU // 11.2 P Medium Body + Malt Forward + Crisp Our Helles is an ode to the traditional Helles of Southern Germany. Showcasing only Pilsner Malt, this beer presents malt-forward while being rounded out by a restrained ... Read More

Tröegs Independent Brewing: Covid-19 update

On the evening of Wednesday, Aug. 12, we learned that a co-worker at our Hershey Tasting Room had tested positive for Covid-19. Because of this, we immediately launched our safety-first plan and called in our professional cleaning service to perform a deep clean of the Tasting Room, break room and bathrooms. This move comes in ... Read More

Brooklyn Brewery: Catch Butterfly Photobomb & Support North Brooklyn Mutual Aid

NEWSByTim Rozmus TUE AUG 11Catch Butterfly Photobomb & Support North Brooklyn Mutual AidWow, did you see that? Butterfly Photobomb IPA just landed in a flutter of hoppy beauty. This lush, hazy Double IPA is here to pull your focus towards something prettier. Notes of freshly peeled tangerines, coconut milk, and sweet passionfruit waft over you, ... Read More