Great Divide Brewing Company: 303: MASTER GUIDE TO 100+ DENVER PATIOS

July 3, 2018 “Here in Denver, there is no shortage of concrete paradises for the people to hang out and relax in the sun. Every neighborhood has a multitude of patios, big and small, quiet and bustling. We’ve rounded up a pretty good list of patios, organized into categories. It’s insane how many there are. ... Read More

Great Divide Brewing Company: Great Divide Brewing Company Releases Hyper-Limited Hazy IPA in Cans Exclusively in Denver

July 2, 2018 Great Divide Brewing Company Releases Hyper-Limited Hazy IPA in Cans Exclusively in Denver DENVER – July 2, 2018 – Great Divide Brewing Company is excited to announce Hazy IPA will be available in cans in limited quantities starting this July throughout the Denver Metro area. Hazy IPA, which was originally released as ... Read More

Brasserie des Rocs: Do you wonder why many foreign bloggers, after visiting Vietnam, fall in love with this country?

Destination ¿Te preguntas por qué muchos bloggers extranjeros, después de visitar a  Vietnam, se enamoran de este país? Por vot123 – julio 2, 2018 0 45 Share Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest WhatsApp El país en forma de “S” a los ojos de los bloggers no siempre fue el destino preferido en el sudeste asiático. Solo ... Read More

Brasserie des Rocs: The peaceful space waterfall on your trip to Vietnam

Destination La cascada del espacio pacífico en tu viaje a Vietnam Por vot123 – julio 2, 2018 0 13 Share Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest WhatsApp La cascada de 5 pisos (también conocida como Dak Sin) se encuentra en el territorio de la comuna Dak Sin, cerca de la comuna de Hung Binh, distrito de Dak ... Read More

Great Divide Brewing Company: 5280: The 5280 Guide to Sour Beer

July 1, 2018July 3, 2018 “Sour milk, sour grapes, sour stomach—the word “sour” isn’t always appealing. So if you’re new to the tart, sometimes fruity, always boundary-pushing universe of sour beer, you should know: These brews, inspired by the lambics and gueuzes (pronounced “goozes”) of Belgium and the Berliner weisses and goses (pronounced “go-zas”) of ... Read More

Great Divide Brewing Company: PorchDrinking: Great Divide’s Denver Pale Ale Artist Series #3 Featuring Rachel Jablonski

June 28, 2018July 3, 2018 “Great Divide Brewing Co. is out with a new label for its Denver Pale Ale as illustrator Rachel Jablonski takes the torch from John Vogl for the third iteration of the brewery’s Artist Series. Featuring a man relaxing on a hammock as he sips a beer with an eye toward the city and ... Read More

Great Divide Brewing Company: Vox Magazine: Six canned craft beers for your next outdoor adventure

June 28, 2018July 3, 2018 “For decades, canned beers largely consisted of bottom-of-the-barrel options. But since 2011, according to data from the Brewers Association, more and more craft brewers are choosing the metal receptacle, especially during summer, so you don’t have to compromise taste as you hit the trails. COLETTE FARMHOUSE ALE Great Divide Brewing ... Read More