Red Truck Beer Company: Beer Can Chicken Is What Every Summer Requires

If you Instagram one meal this month, make it a beer-can chicken. Few dishes are as visually compelling as a whole bird hoisted aloft a nobly grease-stained beer can. Bronzed on the grill or in your oven, it’s a show-stopping dish that is surprisingly easy to execute. “Seeing a chicken upright on a can of beer just ... Read More

Beau’s: Floral to the extreme: Beau’s new Four Flower Gruit

August 28, 2018 More than 80 kilos of four different flowers go into each batch of this innovative new gruit ale from Beau’s Brewing Beau’s Brewing Co. is releasing a brand-new, innovative gruit ale in Ontario and Quebec on Sept. 6, called Four Flower Gruit. The recipe for the beer, as the name suggests, includes organic ... Read More

Beau’s: Beau’s Lug Tread: An Oral History, Part One – Choosing the Perfect Beer

Beau’s Lug Tread: An Oral History, Part One – Choosing the Perfect Beer August 24, 2018 Beau’s Lug Tread: An Oral History, is a three-part blog project that looks at the early days of the independent craft brewery Beau’s Brewing Company’s flagship beer, Lug Tread. Through audio recordings, press clippings and original documents, we’re telling ... Read More

Spinnakers Brewpub & Guesthouses: A Slice of Life

August 24, 2018 Around Spinnakers Have you ever tried a sour beer? At one time all beers were made as sours but today in local breweries, sours are a new trend that have been making a comeback on the West Coast over the past 5 years. A process that dates back to the early 1830’s. ... Read More

Spinnakers Brewpub & Guesthouses: Summer Feature Sheet!

August 23, 2018 Around Spinnakers The bounty is real out here on the West Coast. With the harvesting and growing season upon us, we have had the privilege to infuse our menu with new, local, and fresh ingredients. Summer time brings a plethora of interesting ingredients, like collard greens, baby beets, tomatoes and even fresh ... Read More

21st Amendment Brewery & Restaurant: A Terrible Tour

A Terrible Idea is our new Hazy IPA collaboration with our friends at Fieldwork Brewing Co., and because we have way too much fun hanging out together, our brewmasters have decided to take this show on the road. Find us at one of the following locations around the Bay Area, Chicago and San Diego for a ... Read More

Beau’s: Achtung! Two German-style beers on tap for Beau’s this fall

August 23, 2018 Beau’s Brewing Co. is welcoming Oktoberfest season with the return of two of its popular German-style beer releases for fall 2018: Märzen, from the Farm Table Series, and Three Knocks Sticke Alt. Both releases will be widely available in Ontario and Québec beginning this week, sold in 600 ml bottles at craft ... Read More

Red Truck Beer Company: Craft Beer Was Built on an Us-Versus-Them Ethos. Now It’s Tearing Us Apart.

In July 2008, the Seattle microbrewery Elysian made a special beer for the 20th anniversary of Sub Pop Records, the influential local record label that had launched the careers of Nirvana and Soundgarden. The pale ale was called Loser, a sarcastic term of endearment at Sub Pop, whose higher-ups were more interested in artistic integrity than the bottom ... Read More

Idle Hands Craft Ales: Brewer’s Spotlight: Barrel Aging

Hey, all! I was thinking this week that I should bring you, our readers, up to speed on some of our more long term projects here at Idle Hands. Namely, some barrel-aged projects that have been sitting and developing in our production space for as little as a few months to nearly two years. While ... Read More

Flying Dog Brewery: Flying Dog University Presents: Night School

Aug 20 Flying Dog University Presents: Night School We believe that a true appreciation for craft beer requires insatiable curiosity. Whether you’re brewing it or drinking it, a continued education is the surest way to enrich your craft beer journey. This is the philosophy that compelled us to create Flying Dog University, and it’s the ... Read More