Bison Brewing Company: Beer Drop Subscription Box Review

Staying on top of trends in craft beer can be difficult. Are hazy IPAs still cool? What type of donut is in the hottest new barrel-aged stout? We admit some of these trends are fleeting and it can be confusing to stay up to date. Could a beer subscription service help keep you on top ... Read More

Hopworks Urban Brewery: Craft Beer Week: Austin Barich

To celebrate Craft Beer Week this year, we wanted to focus on the people behind the beer. To kick it off, we spoke to one of our brewers, Austin Barich! So, Austin, what do you do here? I like to think of myself as a very wet baker and a yeast rancher. But really, I’m… ... Read More

Red Rock Brewery: Downtown Online Ordering Instructions

Ordering Instructions: This is a beta version of a new Online Ordering App in the works for Red Rock. Use code: RED50 to apply the special “Giving Back to our Community” discount offer. To help us find you when you arrive, please enter the make and color of your car in the “Special Instructions Box”… ... Read More

Brooklyn Brewery: Our Website Is A Winner At The CSS Design Awards

NEWSByTim Rozmus FRI MAY 8Our Website Is A Winner At The CSS Design AwardsWe’re proud to announce that our new website – yes, the one you’re on right now – recently won several honors from the CSS Design Awards! Thanks to plenty of hard work from our partners at Traina Design, our site received Special ... Read More

Hopworks Urban Brewery: Homebrew Juicy Bear IPA!

To celebrate National Homebrew Day 2020, we wanted to share our Juicy Bear IPA recipe with all you brewers out there! Now you can enjoy Juicy Bear year-round. Be sure to share your progress as you brew! Hopworks Juicy Bear IPA Recipe The Numbers Yield: 5 gallonsOG: 1.060 FG: 1.010ABV: 6.5% Ingredients 0.15 oz Calcium… ... Read More

Bison Brewing Company: Fun with First Wort Hopping

First wort hopping was lost for decades, before being rediscovered in 1995. It’s a simple technique to try out and could have major benefits. First wort hopping consists of adding hops to the boil kettle as it heats from mash temperature to boiling. The extra time creates a stronger hop aroma, a smoother bitterness, and ... Read More