Bison Brewing Company: How to Clean Your Homebrew Grain Mill

The Bison Brew Team September 7, 2020 Have you ever cleaned your grain mill? Many homebrewers often neglect their grain mill, leaving it months, if not years, without cleaning. Like all of your other brewing equipment, however, your grain mill should be cleaned and maintained to prolong its life. Cleaning your grain mill should be ... Read More

Bison Brewing Company: How to Crush Your Own Malts

Crushing grain is the first step of the brew day for homebrewers. Properly crushed malt is one of the most important parts to making great tasting all grain beer. Instead of buying your malt pre-crushed, why not start crushing your own? Crushing your own malt makes better quality, more consistent beer and saves you money. ... Read More

Frey’s Brewing Company: Open Labor Day!

September 5, 2020 / Kerry McMahonOur Labor Day weekend hours are: Thursday 9/3: 4 -10 p.m. Friday 9/4: 4 -10 p.m. Saturday 9/5: noon – 10 p.m. Sunday 9/6: noon -10 p.m. Monday 9/7: (Labor Day) 12 – 10 p.m. brewery Previous post Now Open With Indoor and Outdoor Seating! ... Read More

Bison Brewing Company: How to Roast Your Own Malt

The Bison Brew Team September 3, 2020 From pale yellow, to jet-black, beer comes in a massive range of colors. The darker the beer, the more toasty and roasted it will taste. Brewers use roasted grains to achieve specific flavors and colors depending on the beer style. Although homebrew shops offer a wide array of ... Read More

Bison Brewing Company: How to Brew with Fresh (Wet) Hops

The harvest – finally reaping summer’s bounty. Nothing is more satisfying than picking a crop which has been carefully grown for months and experiencing its freshness. For brewers, this fleeting moment happens at the end of summer when hops are cultivated. Fresh hops, also known as wet hops, are freshly picked, undried hop flowers used ... Read More

Bison Brewing Company: These Are The Best Breweries In Portland, Maine

The Bison Brew Team September 3, 2020 Known as Vacationland, Maine is a great place to visit for its amazing nature, beautiful beaches, and historic towns. The state’s biggest city, Portland, should be considered Beercationland for craft beer lovers. Portland, Maine has one of the most vibrant craft beer scenes in America. The quality and ... Read More

Bison Brewing Company: The World’s Best Saisons

The Bison Brew Team September 3, 2020 Saison has undergone a recent surge in popularity, mainly due to the American craft beer scene’s enthusiasm for the style. Once a locals-only style in Belgium and Northern France, Saison is now brewed around the globe by many of the world’s best craft breweries. Saison is dry, effervescent, ... Read More

Brooklyn Brewery: Send Off Summer With Our Tasting Room Sale

NEWSByTim Rozmus WED SEP 2Send Off Summer With Our Tasting Room SaleStock up for the unofficial last weekend of the season with cases of Summer Ale for just $25 each all weekend long at our Tasting Room. That’s 24 bottles of our sunny pale ale, ready for adventures from stoops to rooftops, beaches to barbecues, and beyond. ... Read More

Gueuzerie Tilquin: Open Beer Days 2020

Posted on August 28, 2020 Open Beer Days, on the 4th & 5th of September 2020, on the occasion of the release of a new beer : the Groseille à Maquereau Verte Tilquin à l’ancienne (sold in a limited pack containing 1x75cl and 2×37.5cl Groseille à Maquereau Verte + 3 other 75cl bottles). In addition, ... Read More