Beau’s: Beau’s taps brand-new sage gruit to kick off feBREWary 2019

January 31, 2019 “The Astromancer” toasts International Gruit Day Feb. 1, and is available this week at +300 restaurants, pubs and retailers in Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba Beau’s Brewing Co. has released the first of five brand-new beers brewed for feBREWary, its annual mid-winter craft beer celebration. The beer is called The Astromancer and is ... Read More

Alley Kat Brewery: Our 6 Packs Now Tell A Story!!

Hey Kats! Gather round! Starting with Prairie Pounder, we have changed our packaging to include a little story about the beer you’re about to dive into! “We take pride in the ingredients that go into creating our craft beer, and so do the farmers and maltsters who grow and make them all that we use ... Read More

Steam Whistle Brewery: Good Beer Folk: Alexandra

Learn more about Alexandra Rasksen, Steam Whistle’s Human Resources Coordinator. [read more] How long have you been a part of the Steam Whistle/GBF family? I am coming up on 4 months with the Steam Whistle family this week! What is your position at Steam Whistle? I am the Human Resources Coordinator. Can you describe your ... Read More

Idle Hands Craft Ales: Brewer’s Spotlight: Double Crossroader

Hey readers, first off I’d like to say sorry for the delay in my inaugural spotlight of 2019 but I have a good excuse; we’re hitting the ground running here!  We grew a ton last year, producing almost double the amount of beer than we produced the year before!  This is a huge accomplishment for ... Read More

Beau’s: Episode 8: Sloan’s Chris Murphy, The Rwanda Craft Brewery Project, Gruit Ale

January 29, 2019 Episode 8: Lagered Tales, presented by Beau’s. We kick things off today with our feature interview with Chris Murphy from the Canadian rock band Sloan, “the world’s only completely democratic band.” In this intimate interview, Murphy shares a truly in-depth look into the the Canadian rock band’s roots, its album-making process, and ... Read More

Gateway Brewing Company: A Walk in Brussels

5 years have gone by and we have loved the moments in which we conceptualised recipes and launched new beers. There were stressful moments as well but amidst few wrongs there have been many rights! And this has kept us going. In 2011 we committed to setting up a craft brewery in Mumbai to make ... Read More

Steam Whistle Brewery: Ideas for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

Love is in the air and your hands are tied  — and not in the fun, kinky way. You’re actually stumped as to what to do for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, when Cupid shot you in the tush with the quiver of love, he didn’t bestow on you the power to pull great Valentine’s date ideas ... Read More

Brassneck Brewery: The Yabba

kind: Hazy IPA Hopped With El Dorado & Vic Secret abv: 7.5% FIRST BREWED: January 2019 Jeff’s latest masterpiece (he even named this one). Its one of them tharr big ass IPA’s this time hopped with Vic Secret & El Dorado hops. We went with a nice clean malt bill. Particularly notable the omission of ... Read More

Brassneck Brewery: The Normalizer

abv: Rye Lager kind: 5% FIRST BREWED: January 2019 Fermented cold & very slow, this lager is brewed using specialty Pilsner, Vienna, Munich & Rye Malts of the highest quality generously hopped with Hallertau Mittelfruh. ... Read More

Four Peaks Brewing Company: Beer Fact Friday: Can-tastic

It’s Beer Fact Friday again, and on the heels of Beer Can Appreciation Day (which was January 24, if you missed it), we’d like to talk about cans. The first beer sold in cans was Krueger’s Finest Beer, made by the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company in Newark, New Jersey. Those cans hit shelves in 1933, ... Read More