Steam Whistle Brewery: How To Use Beer as an Ingredient for Thanksgiving Cooking!

HomeHow To Use Beer as an Ingredient for Thanksgiving Cooking! Beyond beer pairing we’ve put together three ways you can incorporate beer into your Thanksgiving feast. [read more] From appetizers to the main course to sumptuous sweets, there are dozens of delicious ways to incorporate our beer into your holiday nosh. APPETIZERSBacon-Wrapped Beer BratsMade with ... Read More

Bison Brewing Company: These Are The Best Breweries In Raleigh, NC

The Bison Brew Team October 1, 2020 North Carolina has more than 320 craft breweries, making it the premier destination for beer in the South. Most craft beer enthusiasts flock to Asheville for its otherworldly selection of breweries. But Raleigh, the state’s capital, is slowly building a name for itself nationwide with many innovative breweries. ... Read More

Tröegs Independent Brewing: HopCyclone: Experience hop waves of epic proportions

Here at Tröegs, some of our most sought-after beers are Double IPAs. Think Nimble Giant, LolliHop and Double Blizzard. That’s why we’re really excited to release the brand new HopCyclone Hazy Double IPA. HopCyclone’s haze is built with a grain bill of pilsner malt, Vienna malt and wheat. The haze helps prop up hop oils ... Read More

Tröegs Independent Brewing: Master of Pumpkins is back – now in 16 oz. cans!

It takes a long time to plant, raise, pick, slice, clean and roast 3,000 pounds of Pennsylvania longneck pumpkins. But Master of Pumpkins has arrived! The very first step in this year’s batch happened earlier this summer, when our friends at Strites’ Orchard – less than 10 miles from our brewery – seeded their pumpkin ... Read More

Bison Brewing Company: These Are The Best Breweries In Salt Lake City, Utah

The Bison Brew Team September 25, 2020 Craft beer in Utah is starting to thrive. With 32 breweries and counting, the state is slowly moving away from its teetotaler past and allowing craft breweries to flourish. The capital, Salt Lake City, is the craft beer hub leading the charge. Drinking craft beer in Salt Lake ... Read More

Bison Brewing Company: Decoction Mashing for Homebrewers

The Bison Brew Team September 25, 2020 Looking for a rich malt flavor, beautiful head retention, and sparkling clarity in your homebrew? Decoction mashing – that often misunderstood traditional technique – might be worth trying. Decoction mashing is a traditional mashing technique for brewing beer. Removing some of the mash, boiling it, and mixing it ... Read More

Bison Brewing Company: The 5 Best Hop Spiders for Homebrewing

The Bison Brew Team September 25, 2020 Are you tired of hops clogging your homebrewing system? Or are you looking for a way to get clearer beer? Then you might want to invest in a hop spider. A hop spider is an easy-to-use hop filter that contains hops to a mesh basket during the boil. ... Read More

Brooklyn Brewery: Sour Remix: Bel Air Raspberry is Coming to Australia

NEWSByTim Rozmus THU SEP 24Sour Remix: Bel Air Raspberry is Coming to AustraliaOur beloved Bel Air Sour is heading for the berry patch for an Australia-only shuffle. Bel Air Sour Raspberry blends sweet, velvety raspberries with Bel Air’s clean, balanced edge. The juicy taste of the berries perfectly rounds out Bel Air Sour’s tropical notes, ... Read More