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Duvel Moortgat Brewery is a Flemish family-controlled brewery founded in 1871. Its strong golden pale ale, Duvel, is exported to more than forty countries. Duvel is Brabantian, Ghent and Antwerp dialect for devil, the standard Dutch word being duivel.

The history of Duvel Moortgat is one of respect for tradition and family values. Today, the fourth generation of the Moortgat family watches over the legacy of founder Jan-Leonard Moortgat and his two sons, Albert and Victor.

1871: The origin

In 1871, Jan-Leonard Moortgat, the son of a brewers’ family from Steenhuffel, founded the Moortgat farm-brewery together with his wife Maria De Block. At that time, the newcomer was just one of the 4,000 breweries active in Belgium at the turn of the century. So initially things were not particularly easy: in the first few, pioneering years, Jan-Leonard tried to market a number of high-fermentation beers such as Stavelot. With varying degrees of success. Thanks to a combination of enthusiasm, a passion for brewing and craftsmanship, however, Jan-Leonard gradually built up a loyal client base, not just in the area around Breendonk, but even as far away as Brussels, by selling beer to the bourgeoisie. This is borne out by the opening of a warehouse in Laeken. The start, as it turned out, of a success story that has now lasted for over a hundred years…

1900: The second Moortgat generation

In the meantime, business boomed and Jan-Leonard’s two sons, Albert and Victor, joined the firm. The jobs were clearly distributed: Albert became the brewer while Victor took care of deliveries to Brussels by horse and cart. The First World War brought Belgium into contact with England and in particular English ales, which enjoyed considerable popularity during this period.

1918-1923: The prelude to a successful product

Albert decided to be part of the English ales success story too and develop a beer based on the English model. However, a sample of local yeast was essential to create an ale like this.
So Albert went to Scotland, where at first he encountered a lot of resistance from local brewers. It was only after a real odyssey among local breweries that he eventually got his hands on the coveted sample. Yeast from this same source is still used today!



Duvel wins GOLD at Brussels Beer Challenge 2018

Duvel took the gold at the Brussels Beer Challenge 2018, an annual international beer competition for the coveted title of best beer. In the category ‘Pale & Amber Ale: Strong Blonde / Golden Ale’, Duvel was selected as best beer. A total of 1522 beers from 48 different countries were tasted by a panel of ... Read More

Duvel wins no fewer than 2 medals at the World Beer Awards

Language English Last month the latest edition of the famous World Beer Awards was held in London. These global awards are presented by an international jury to the world’s very best beers. This year, Duvel was voted best Belgian beer in the category ‘Pale Beer – Belgian Style Strong’. That’s fantastic news, of course. However, ... Read More

Duvel Barrel Aged

It took barrel-loads of patience to wait 6 months while Duvel gently matured in oak bourbon barrels from Kentucky. But patience is rewarded: Duvel Barrel Aged is a unique tasting beer with an alcohol content of 11.5 % vol. that combines the tangy bite of Duvel with a creamy caramel and vanilla touch. Our brewers ... Read More

Duvel Tripel Hop permanently available

Since 2007, the Duvel brewers have been busy inventing ways to pack some extra punch into the traditional Duvel with a third hop variety. Besides the high-quality Saaz Saaz and Styrian Golding hops, a third hop variety is added to provide a surprising and exciting taste profile. Passion for brewing As a child, master brewer ... Read More

The Egg of the Devil

The Belgian brewers of Duvel and the Dutch brewers of ‘t IJ created devilish plans and shared their passion, knowledge and the brewing kettle with a cobrew. We baptized this surprising cobrew “the Egg of the Devil.” The Egg of the Devil is a special beer with a Duvels character. Brewed together by the Belgian ... Read More

Heavenly patience is rewarded: Duvel Barrel Aged is ready

Today we are proud to announce that our Duvel Barrel Aged is – finally – ready. It required a firm dose of heavenly patience to let Duvel mature for 6 months on 100 oak bourbon casks from Kentucky. But patience pays off: Duvel Barel Aged is a unique tasting beer from alc. 11.5% vol. that ... Read More

SSSt … here Duvel ripens in old bourbon casks

The Duvel brewers started a news taste experiment: they ripen Duvel on oak bourbon casks. Since November, the Duvel matures in these imported American barrels and will probably have to be ready for six to seven months before it is ready. Only when the taste is perfectly perfect, the first bottling of this special beer ... Read More

Favorite Duvel Tripel Hop is permanently on the market

Spring is coming and the annual custom is therefore also time for a new Duvel Tripel Hop. Or better: the most popular Tripel Hop. Because our brewers did not have to look for new exotic hops this time, but they brewed again with the American hop variety Citra. This Duvel Tripel Hop from 2012, which ... Read More

Studio Pieter Stockmans designs three unique Duvel glasses

Ever since 2010, a range of national and international artists has been involved in The Duvel Collection, coming up with their most creative designs for the iconic Duvel glass. Seen so far: Denis Meyers (Belgium), Eley Kishimoto (Great Britain), Parra (The Netherlands), Arne Quinze (Belgium), Daan (Belgium), Stefaan Letman (The Netherlands), Philippe Debongnie (Belgium) and ... Read More

Studio Pieter Stockmans designs three unique Duvel glasses

For The Duvel Collection, a series of national and international artists have been bringing their most creative designs to the iconic Duvel glass. Passed by: Denis Meyers (Belgium), Eley Kishimoto (Great Britain), Parra (Netherlands), Arne Quinze (Belgium), Daan (Belgium), Stefaan Letman (Netherlands), Philippe Debongnie (Belgium) and Yan Sorgie ( Brazil). In 2017, Pieter Stockmans complements ... Read More

Cheese refiners Van Tricht win with Duvel cheese

At the ‘International Cheese Awards 2016’ in Nantwich, United Kingdom, the cheese refiners Van Tricht won a gold and a bronze medal with their Duvel cheese. Cheese and beer, it is a golden marriage. Many beer and cheese lovers will agree with this. Father Michel and son Frederik Van Tricht took the test and developed ... Read More

Everyone is welcome in the café Duvel Depot every Friday and Saturday

Our Café Duvel Depot in the Brewery Visitors’ Center is open to anyone who wants to enjoy a heavenly Duvel – from the bottle or from the barrel – or from other special beers from the Duvel Moortgat range. You can not get closer to the source! At the café (with billiards) there is also ... Read More

The Duvel route, a relaxing bike ride

The Duvel route, that is cycling along interesting sights and beautiful pieces of nature. In collaboration with Tourism Province of Antwerp, the Duvel route was entirely based on the existing network of nodes in the municipalities of Puurs, Boom, Willebroek, Rumst and Mechelen. The tourist region Scheldeland through which you cycle, is a very wetland ... Read More

1st Great Breweries Marathon is a success

Under very sunny conditions, the start of the first edition of the Great Breweries Marathon sounded Sunday morning. The first Belgian running and walking event in the sign of a rich Belgian beer culture, with 5,500 participants, has been completely full for a while. More than 3,500 participants walked the 42 km marathon or the ... Read More

Duvel Tripel Hop: six flavors, one winner

After 6 editions of innovative brewing and creating new Tripel Hop flavors, the time has come for Duvel to listen to you, the fans. The brewery therefore launches a blind tasting kit containing the six Duvel Tripel Hop editions ever brewed, made unrecognizable for an honest and pure taste experience. Taste, vote and decide which ... Read More

Brewers select HBC 291 for their new Duvel Tripel Hop

Every year there is considerable excitement around the arrival of the new Duvel Tripel Hop. For 6 years now Duvel’s master brewers have been doing their best to surprise beer lovers with a new and surprising type of hop for this unique specialty beer. This year they chose HBC 291, a hop type that is ... Read More

Duvel Moortgat at EBBC 2015

Quality, craftsmanship and a pioneering spirit are the cornerstones of Duvel Moortgat.We aim to offer consumers top beers. Brewing with tradition, pure ingredients and the latest techniques … all these elements contribute towards achieving high quality. Here you can find the crucial info on the Duvel Moortgat beer brands presented at EBBC 2015. Language English ... Read More

Welcome to Firestone Walker to the Duvel Moortgat family.

Duvel Moortgat becomes shareholder of Firestone Walker Brewing Company from Paso Robles, California. Firestone Walker is the 16th largest craft brewery in the US and the 4th largest craft brewery in California. The brewery is expected to brew more than 320,000 HL by the end of this year, with net sales in excess of $80 ... Read More


The festival season is about to kick off, with a lot of music, good vibes and—needless to say—twice the fun wherever Duvel is being served. This summer, there’s no need to drink your Duvel from the same old glass as we’ve just unveiled our new, indestructible Duvel glass. Duvel, still perfectly servedOur new glass is ... Read More

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